This Will Happen When Yellowstone Erupts

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  • Published on:  Monday, March 11, 2019
  • Here is what could happen when the Yellowstone Supervolcano erupts!


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    Esto Sucederá Cuando Yellowstone Entre En Erupción


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    Yellowstone national park is a massive national park with some of the most amazing views anywhere in the country. But, below yellowstone lies one of the biggest super volcano in the world...

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  • jUsT bUiLd LOL
    jUsT bUiLd LOL  6 months ago +530

    Love your vids!

  • Kelley Allen
    Kelley Allen  2 hours ago

    Animals are so smart yet we feast on them. Should be other way around.

  • Umbereon ___
    Umbereon ___  22 hours ago

    It is said that super volcanos erupt every 100 years I think it said so I think we are good idrk

  • queen of dißæßþər

    Well, I'm gonna move to the Netherlands where my cousins are.

  • Akhi Yahudah
    Akhi Yahudah  yesterday +1

    I Love how you people always KNOW everything exactly what is going to happen, even you already know that it will travel in what direction first in the air, etc. You DO NOT KNOW!! Readers, here is the bottom line. He has never ever seen anything like it in his life, therefore he has no damn idea what is going to happen. That is the bottom line!!

  • HypezChris YT
    HypezChris YT  yesterday +1

    I love these videos do you ? (I need subs)

  • Chris Brown
    Chris Brown  2 days ago

    Very good, we all know we're gonna die. Hmmm, we should already know this.

  • richardsiscannon18

    Looks like the northeast would be spared ;)

  • 15gladuis
    15gladuis  2 days ago

    Shit I’m close by



  • Young Yakub
    Young Yakub  3 days ago

    Just do what Patrick star said: take yellow Stone, and push it somewhere else

  • Project XII
    Project XII  3 days ago


  • Anabelle Barrios
    Anabelle Barrios  3 days ago

    Imma feel bad for people who are prob visiting yellow stone and it erupts

  • Brickmaster 517
    Brickmaster 517  4 days ago +1

    Me a European : derp 😐😶😐


    is that the picture of mt pinatubo that erupts in 1991

  • Jack // Jackloveslego123

    Just put duck tape sealing the volcano together. Duck tape can fix anything, right?

  • Landon Mondalek
    Landon Mondalek  5 days ago

    This litterally gave me anxiety ._.

  • Daniel Comenzo
    Daniel Comenzo  5 days ago

    As long as it dosnt happen in my lifetime I could care less about people going nuts and having a shortage of food

  • Katherine Heimnick


  • ømni tøxïc
    ømni tøxïc  6 days ago

    Would this affect Australia, mainly Sydney?