Why People Are Freaking Out About Demi Lovato, Huge SCOTUS Decision, Trump, & More...

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  • Published on:  Monday, June 4, 2018
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  • Philip DeFranco  1 years ago

    What should I talk about tomorrow Let me know down below! <3Demi(00:06), FBI Dancer(1:42), TIA (3:25), Guatemala(4:53), Cake Case(7:25), Trump(11:29)

  • Bat Shit Crazy  1 years ago

    Sexual assault is bad. That being said, if the bodyguard she pranked doesn’t feel victimized this is a non issue. Seems to me the only people that are offended are the Kabal of professional victims on the internet who seem to get a lot of satisfaction out of finger wagging everyone else’s behaviour whilst seemingly oblivious to their own. The self righteous, in my experience rarely practice what they preach. They are like a religious cult, sniffing out blasphemy so that they can wow us with their mora...

  • Gamemaster64  1 years ago

    what did Andrew did?

  • Rene Fuentes  1 years ago

    Phil's filming in purgatory

  • Smartza Peple  1 years ago

    DeaditeTheParasite He listened to The Middle by Zedd

  • Saucedo  1 years ago

    DeaditeTheParasite his old thumbnails

  • chronicxhippie  1 years ago

    What I’m surprised about, with regards to the FBI backflip dude, is that he wasn’t wearing a breakthrough holster. They secure on the top so your weapon doesn’t fly out and you push them forward and down to release them. Almost impossible to unintentionally release your weapon.

  • Maria Christina  1 years ago

    I honestly don't believe law enforcement should have guns with safety's on.

  • Philip Miller  1 years ago

    Risitas' Cositas Exactly!!! Guns are made really well. Either he wasn't maintaining it or saftey was off. It didn't fall and break and then allow him to shoot.

  • Tech By Matt  1 years ago

    Please do all future PDS episodes in front of a green screen so while you're telling us about sad/depressing news stories you can have videos of cute kittens or puppies playing in the background.

  • Utmostseeker 834  1 years ago

    Theramchepser Shut up sexist pig. Gloria can do what she wants!

  • MC. Gemstone  1 years ago

    omg yess!

  • ThoseWhoStayUofM  1 years ago

    My thoughts are that Demi Lovato is an unapologetic hypocrite. She would tear into somebody for hiring a man to grab a woman's private parts without consent, and would be appalled to hear someone laugh about how the woman "freaked the f*** out". However, she literally perpetrated this exact scenario towards a man and suddenly that's funny... and Demi is ok with that. So, she is a willful hypocrite.

  • ThoseWhoStayUofM  1 years ago

    VIK TV, Demi Lovato laughed about what happened and thought it was a funny prank. She was unapologetic, unashamed, and endorsed the sexual molestation of another person. Your bias cannot escape the facts.

  • VIK TV  1 years ago

    She’s said that she didn’t tell the lady do any of that she hired a lady to go to his room the lady walked in without permission which demi didn’t tell her to and the lady do what she wanted she thought she was doing something nice cause he was working so much he wasn’t offended so what’s the problem he still had sex with her

  • King Ban  1 years ago

    If a President can pardon himself, he’s basically a dictator.

  • Maria Christina  1 years ago

    How does the law not apply to him if he hasn't pardon himself yet? If he hasn't done it, then how is he a dictator? And dictators have no need to pardon themselves because they are never questioned.

  • Vatai Akos  1 years ago

    Except they don't... they don't need to legally excuse their own actions... they are inherently above everyone else and the law... there's no excuses if there's nothing to excuse you literally contradicted your own point within the argument.

  • Jared Thompson  1 years ago

    "Should a president from any group be able to pardon themselves?"No. That shouldn't even be a question.

  • xRengarx  1 years ago

    Erbec Pickell the 2nd Amendment also states A well regulated Militia was needed. A lot of people seem to forget that regulated part. You should not have just random civilians running around with military hardware. Maybe we should have a system like the English in the 100 years war. All civilians were required to train every Sunday on the bow and the sword. We should have Ranges that register people and provide arms to practice.

  • Jared Thompson  1 years ago

    xRengarx A lot of the amendments that people try to defend were never written with modern contexts in mind. The second amendment was put into place when the deadliest firearm anyone could own was a musket and it hasn't changed to fit newer problems.

  • Yxaj  1 years ago

    No. Presidents can't pardon themselves. That defeats the purpose.

  • Maria Christina  1 years ago

    Defeats the purpose of what?

  • palladin9479  1 years ago

    There is no Constitutional crisis because the pardon would never take place, the President is effectively immune from all prosecutions while they are sitting as the head of the Executive branch, the branch responsible for effecting prosecutions. You can't put on trial a sitting President, hell you can't even indict them as they can negate the indictment and it wouldn't be obstruction as the Constitution specifically enables them to do this. First a congressional investigation, which is an investigati...

  • WillWoll  1 years ago

    No one should be allowed to be their own judge.It's like if a player in a game was also the referee..

  • Sadpants McGee  1 years ago

    "TOUCHDOWN!!"Bro, this is hockey."DON'T CARE! SIX POINTS!"

  • Larry Medina  1 years ago

    Dusk Dawn derp

  • Faggit McJew  1 years ago

    Phillip is in purgatory until his new office is finished.