Why People Are Freaking Out About Demi Lovato, Huge SCOTUS Decision, Trump, & More...

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  • Published on:  Monday, June 4, 2018
  • Monday! Let’s just jump into it…
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    Sources/Important Links:
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    FBI Agent Backflipping:

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    Supreme Court Same-Sex Wedding Cake Case:
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    Trump Pardon Controversy:
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  • Philip DeFranco
    Philip DeFranco  a years ago +1218

    What should I talk about tomorrow Let me know down below! <3
    Demi(00:06), FBI Dancer(1:42), TIA (3:25), Guatemala(4:53), Cake Case(7:25), Trump(11:29)

  • Conservative Hedgehog

    As a small government constitutional Conservative, no. You should not be able to pardon yourself. That rejects the entire point of the President not being a dictator. If he can break laws, he can refuse to leave the White House because he can pardon himself for not ceding the presidency. It’s a slippery slope. No, you cannot pardon yourself. I also don’t like the idea some have suggested that if he’s impeached, Pence pardons him, makes him VP, and and resigns. It’s funny to see the “liberals heads will explode!” Captions with it, but no. Additionally, Phil’s hypothetical, if actually possible, I definitely don’t like the idea of.

  • Conservative Hedgehog

    It’s important to note that Jack Phillips said he would give them a cake, he just refused to custom make one.

  • Ron Buddha 6669
    Ron Buddha 6669  a years ago

    As proud member of BFCCE. We teach safety first when back flipping with a fire arm and do not condone the actions of this FBI agent.

  • Bat Shit Crazy
    Bat Shit Crazy  a years ago

    Sexual assault is bad. That being said, if the bodyguard she pranked doesn’t feel victimized this is a non issue. Seems to me the only people that are offended are the Kabal of professional victims on the internet who seem to get a lot of satisfaction out of finger wagging everyone else’s behaviour whilst seemingly oblivious to their own. The self righteous in my experience rarely practice what they preach and although they may be right in their outrage sometimes, they are almost always motivated by a selfish need to feel superior. They are like a religious cult, sniffing out blasphemy so that they can wow us with their moral superiority. Left or right, these shaming tactics are a form of bullying. I don’t even really like Demi Lovato.

  • Jiboo!
    Jiboo!  a years ago

    I think that the pres should be able to pardon anyone EXCEPT himself. Although the whole president pardoning system in general is kinda sketchy aint gunna lie...

  • Zutto Aragi
    Zutto Aragi  a years ago

    No. I don't care if the president is someone I hate or someone I adore, that kind of power is too much.

  • Poukkaa Ganeska
    Poukkaa Ganeska  a years ago


  • Tray Ritchie
    Tray Ritchie  a years ago

    About the backflipping douche. You don't carry a gun in your waist band like that. Ever. This ain't a 90s movie. There are a lot of gun holsters. If you find one that doesn't hold your gun in its holster with a button(similar to old pants snap buttons)don't buy it.

  • SushiRoll Speaks
    SushiRoll Speaks  a years ago

    Demi is a pro at psychological manipulation. She speaks out against sexual assault, and then enables sexual assault against men, announcing it to her impressionable audience as a "funny prank." When people let her know how wrong that is, she mocks them. When she realises her mocking has caused even more backlash, she plays the victim. She does this by referencing her song and her experiences, and by gaslighting her audience, trying to convince them that THEY were the ones in the wrong, because they dared to question her, a survivor of assault and self proclaimed expert on the subject.

    This isn't the first time she's used her self proclaimed status to her advantage, she's also used her status as a body posi advocate as a cover for body shaming other women, such as Taylor Swift and Zendaya. The fact she has a double standard is nothing new, it's one rule for Demi and one rule for everyone else.

  • Genriu Keeper
    Genriu Keeper  a years ago

    For the FBI Dancer, this is why keeping the safety of a firearm on is really important.

  • Hráči online
    Hráči online  a years ago

    Demi Lovato... YOUR personal experience and you "knowing about sexual assault" doesn't make what you claim you did ANY less serious...

  • Cora
    Cora  a years ago

    A president trying to pardon themselves is a violation of so many moral rules, it totally defies logic and democracy. Dispicable

  • James G.
    James G.  a years ago

    As far as I know the gay people were allowed to get a cake just not explicitly gay cake so to say they did get equality to the straight people but in my opinion that shouldn’t matter I think any business/service is that isn’t governmentally funded should be able to refuse any one and because of the free market a racist person would fail if they refused service

  • Tonatiub
    Tonatiub  a years ago

    In my very personal opinion its just outrage culture, I doubt the bodyguard really minded but Im glad that the rabid masses are at least consistent enough to give shit to her for it, still a double standard tho, if it was a male celebrity pulling this on a female employee he would be under trial by now, she got away with just some scolding that will likely be forgotten in months

  • Omega Zapruder
    Omega Zapruder  a years ago

    Phil in the void!

  • MyWayofEverything
    MyWayofEverything  a years ago

    Failed opportunity. should have green screened a shitty pic of the old office and then acted like the people thinking something was up are crazy

  • Thanos Nikopoulos
    Thanos Nikopoulos  a years ago

    muzzle flash from gun seems fake. 1 frame fade-in, 1 frame fade-out...

  • Daniel Levain
    Daniel Levain  a years ago

    The president should not be above the law. Thus, he should not be able to pardon himself.

  • Under Shade
    Under Shade  a years ago +1

    I think Trump is God and those who challenge him, like you, will burn in hell. Long live the God Emperor!