The Journey Begins | 1985 Fiero 2M4 Revival - Part 1

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, November 14, 2018
  • After sitting for 20 years, I am going to bring this 1985 Pontiac Fiero 2M4 back to life. Follow along on the first part of this journey!

    Also side note: I said the car had no rust in the video, and I meant real pitting and eaten out metal. The car has surface rust, but it's just that. Don't get on me for that in the comments :)


    "Popup Friggin Headlights" Clip from Donut Media:

    Factory Clips From:

    Music From:


  • jdmikeg4
    jdmikeg4  8 months ago +911

    You just took a squirrels home. Damn bro.

  • Matej Sotolar
    Matej Sotolar  19 hours ago

    klobouk dolu kdo ma odvahu opravovat takhle stare auto

  • nala garavani
    nala garavani  3 days ago

    you should narrate a movie or something.

  • Pinky
    Pinky  3 days ago

    I've been watching your Fiero series since last year and came back to part 1 and you got almost 3.6 million views on this now! Congrats man!

  • Trace Doyle
    Trace Doyle  3 days ago +1

    Hey, another fiero guy in the Houston area!

  • Natalie Peetoom
    Natalie Peetoom  6 days ago

    Need to be careful while using the lug bolts to move the hub. It can cause damage to the threads. Otherwise good job :)

  • terrapin52
    terrapin52  7 days ago

    it's fi-er-o, not feer-o

  • আবুবকর

    like Matra Murena, only that Matra have three seats

  • Coin Finders
    Coin Finders  7 days ago +2

    At the age of 12, you have officially made me want a fiero. THANK YOU

  • Rajiv Manderson
    Rajiv Manderson  7 days ago

    AMMO NYC: Stay Calm, we got this.

  • Isaak Welch
    Isaak Welch  7 days ago

    I've got a project car kinda like this, a 1987 daytona that I saved from someones lawn where it had sat for 10 years. Props to you for saving a car nobody else wanted to love!

  • marcus coleman
    marcus coleman  7 days ago +1

    you are fortunate to have the recourses that your family provides. with that said, you do make an interesting and engaging video. Well done

  • Daniel Wiggins
    Daniel Wiggins  7 days ago

    I like your production value. Simple, well done. My sister bought a Fiero in ‘84, manual. Traded it in on a Toyota Previa, an equally unusual car.

  • JohnnyGetsCash
    JohnnyGetsCash  7 days ago

    Go on Ronnie! Great video! Well day, stuff like our stinky Toyota truck resto will be as detailed as this!

  • Patrick Bagnano
    Patrick Bagnano  7 days ago

    Perfect far an LS swap

  • Kim Bui
    Kim Bui  7 days ago

    The next Chris fix

  • Gio Santos
    Gio Santos  7 days ago

    this guuy looks like pewdiepie

  • Lukas Cerenzia
    Lukas Cerenzia  7 days ago

    I like how he mentions mr2. I’m 14 and I have a 1993 mr2. Check it out, it’s on my channel👍

  • Extremeisland37
    Extremeisland37  7 days ago

    My friend restored a 1973 chevy Vega and a lot of people complained about his choice but he loves it.

  • Giovanni Smith
    Giovanni Smith  7 days ago +1

    Mines a 02 focus wagon that I just cant give up....ronnie, you have inspired me to not give up on my baby, thanks