Dr. Phil DESTROYS spoiled brat!!!! . -- Dr Phil #7

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, September 12, 2018
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  • TheSquishiest OfBeans
    TheSquishiest OfBeans  15 minutes ago

    Begone.... *T H O T*

  • ItsLlamaPlays
    ItsLlamaPlays  27 minutes ago

    10:16 Aboogaroogadoo

  • Hannah Newell
    Hannah Newell  30 minutes ago

    "I like *watching children cry,* is there anything wrong with that....???"

  • bash jones
    bash jones  37 minutes ago


  • pug man pug man
    pug man pug man  an hour ago

    im 9 years old but i steal now a lot about sex

  • Jake Neales
    Jake Neales  an hour ago

    6:34 when the acid tab isn't fake for the first time

  • MetroGaming75
    MetroGaming75  an hour ago +1

    She is a Thot

  • dankLettuce
    dankLettuce  2 hours ago

    that's a clap

  • Ντέμ Ντέμ
    Ντέμ Ντέμ  2 hours ago

    why send her to a ranch and not let the grandmother take care of her? :/

  • Its A Bad Time To Be A Seal

    Boss: So, why do you want to be a dominatrix?
    Her: Well, when I get irratated, I get naked. And I irratated alot.
    Boss: Fair point, your hired!

  • YoungTGaming
    YoungTGaming  3 hours ago

    I’m writing T-Series up to the Dr. Phil Show

  • Laurie LLSK
    Laurie LLSK  3 hours ago

    First time I've been on your channel..... Im socked that you have 70m followers? WHY? Youre not funny, talk over the video, and, well, are irritating as hell.
    Sorry. I dont get you.
    Good luck with your channel!

  • wyatt howard
    wyatt howard  3 hours ago

    Felix:You know what no one likes?
    Me: T SERIES

  • Adeline Cardenas
    Adeline Cardenas  3 hours ago

    Sis be lookin like a whole elf
    Jacob saggititties typa shit

  • Josh ie
    Josh ie  4 hours ago

    Yo don’t hate one me but let’s just watch vid talks through vid every sec don’t hate just my apinoin

  • rolland marianne
    rolland marianne  4 hours ago

    I accept the mother education

  • TheTrenchcoat
    TheTrenchcoat  4 hours ago

    Dr. Phil should be allowed to beat the shit out of the people on his show. It'd be pretty entertaining.

  • Aaron Furstenberg
    Aaron Furstenberg  5 hours ago

    Who left a like after he said smash the like button if you yawn?

  • Labebe. Barbie
    Labebe. Barbie  5 hours ago

    My ex said it turned him on when I cried :’) Idk why tf I dated him lol

  • Labebe. Barbie
    Labebe. Barbie  5 hours ago

    17 and I’ve never smoked before. Am I just not a normal teenage child :/