The Untold Truth Of The Night King

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  • Published on:  Sunday, May 12, 2019
  • One of Game of Thrones' longest-running bad guys remained a mystery to readers and viewers until the HBO series' eighth and final season: the Night King, the ancient creature who created and led the formidable Army of the Dead. We still don't know much about the White Walker king, but from behind-the-scenes tidbits to fan theories, here's the untold truth of this menacing bad guy. Slovakian actor Vladimir Furdík might be the most recognizable face of the Night King at this point, but the truth is, he only started playing the character in the show's sixth season, prior to that, the role was played by Richard Brake, best known for films like Batman Begins or Kingsman: The Secret Service. Brake and Furdík actually overlapped: while Brake was playing the Night King, Furdík played the high-ranking White Walker that Jon Snow shatters to pieces with his Valyrian steel sword. The transition between the two actors was so seamless that many may not have noticed, though some fans found Brake's appearance even more frightening.Furdík was an indispensable part of the Thrones team long before he stepped into the Night King's frozen shoes. He worked on everything from the fight scene at the Tower of Joy as well as performing and working on everything from high falls to intense sword fights. When it came time to recast the Night King, there was no better choice than Furdík, who knew the show's action set pieces inside and out. Keep watching the video to see the rest of the untold truth of the Night King!#GoT #GameOfThrones #NightKingPlayed by a stuntman | 0:20One of the First Men | 1:12Unintended consequences | 2:03Late in the Game | 2:31Different from the books | 3:10Erase the world's memory | 3:53The Night Bran? | 4:48A Night nobleman | 5:36Not much to go on | 6:24You're fired | 7:11Night King dethroned | 7:56One last, long night | 8:49


  • Mitch Williams
    Mitch Williams  3 months ago +2690

    I miss the army of the dead. They were cool as hell.

  • Zain M
    Zain M  3 months ago +2389

    "untold thruth"
    learned nothing new about the NK
    D&D would be so proud of you

  • 04hutchn
    04hutchn  3 months ago +1454

    At this point who cares? We arent going to find out anything about him. All that build up for Nothing!!!

  • Seauxphie Sanders
    Seauxphie Sanders  3 months ago +734

    The hype surrounding the Night King that spanned 7 seasons, and then. He just became nothing but a MID-SEASON VILLAIN lmaoo!!

  • Curtis
    Curtis  3 months ago +536

    The fact that there was no additional back story for the night king just pisses me off

  • Zuzu
    Zuzu  3 months ago +1746

    The children of the forest: Can you kill the humans so we can win this war?
    White Walker: Must. Kill. Everything.
    The children of the forest: Wait what.

  • WRO
    WRO  3 months ago +404

    D and D turned the Night King into a Scooby Doo villian of the week.

  • Mario
    Mario  2 months ago +121

    killed by season 8

  • Happy Monty
    Happy Monty  3 months ago +917

    Night king:
    Bad writing: Im about to end this man's career

  • BaoZakeruga
    BaoZakeruga  3 months ago +456

    This was literally 10 minutes of stretched out stuff we all know. Is this entire channel like this?

  • Luciphell
    Luciphell  3 months ago +486

    Thumbs down since Looper still hasn't learned how to use "Untold Truth" correctly.
    There is nothing Looper can tell us that the books do not. So stop being liars

  • No Name
    No Name  3 months ago +439

    I learned nothing here. Everything was previously explained already. The Night King was the coolest character in GoT in my honest opinion.

  • meeran haq
    meeran haq  3 months ago +565

    I really feel like I'm alone, and I might as well be.
    But come on maaaaan I really wanted the NK to win lol. The last 3 episodes should have been of Cersei learning they lost and that he's coming for King's Landing. Last episode should be him sitting on the throne after the fight (which, without dragonglass would be short lived). And then the camera pans over Westeros and the dead are everywhere and the storm dies away.

    HELL BAT  3 months ago +162

    The starks have their wolves
    The targaryens their dragons
    Where are the lannisters lions???

  • LordAnestis
    LordAnestis  3 months ago +136

    Im sure the NK is a Stark. Who knows maybe his real name is Winter and this is why the Stark words are Winter is Coming.

  • Ishi_ _Kun
    Ishi_ _Kun  2 months ago +10

    The Starks have their wolves
    The Targaryens have their dragons
    Where are the Lannister’s lions?

  • Alok Hota
    Alok Hota  3 months ago +52

    Untold truth about the Night King- He was a dud thanks to shoddy writing and now no one cares.

  • Osian Coleman
    Osian Coleman  3 months ago +123

    The guy who used to play the Knight King used to live by me in Ystrad Mynach Wales

  • fasih FaC3
    fasih FaC3  3 months ago +48

    The whole video becomes bogus because GOT made the Night king arc look like a Naruto filler episode.......... i mean too tell you how horribly they screwed up, they never should have build night king this much if they weren't going to use him correctly

  • Wamy Ram
    Wamy Ram  2 months ago +15

    I don’t think they did the knight king justice, he literally brought a winter storm with him