Sarah Wants Elliana's Spot In The Duet | Dance Moms | Season 8, Episode 8

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, July 16, 2019
  • Thanks for watching my video! Please subscribe and hit the notification bell so you never miss an update on Dance Moms!Follow me on Instagram for daily updates! - is a clip from Season 8 Episode 8. Hope you enjoy!


  • Vlad Volkov
    Vlad Volkov  1 months ago +5778

    A lot of these competitions have been in Ohio and we haven't seen Cathy once

  • Lauren Hurley
    Lauren Hurley  1 months ago +494

    If GiaNina said that everyone would be calling her rude and bratty but Sarah says it and it’s all oh how great she’s standing up for herself

  • roses
    roses  1 months ago +261

    I don't get it ya'll still defending this girl. Nobody deserves ANYTHING. Abby told from the beginning that this would be Elliana's duet so I don't get the whining god damn it. This episode really annoys me. The girls come of bratty especially Sarah and her mom is just as bad. I'm not used to this with the older girls, it was just their mom who were the annoying ones and not the girls.

  • alice hyland
    alice hyland  1 months ago +476

    why is it okay for sarah, lily and pressley to speak their minds but not gia and ellie?

  • Penny Mika
    Penny Mika  1 months ago +93

    WOW .... did Sarah really say “I looked better doing it.”?!?! what a little entitled brat. I’m surprised abby didn’t yell at her with the usual “you don’t deserve a solo/duet, you’re given one as a gift” speech.
    Take several seats Sarah, you aren’t ANYWHERE near Elliana’s level of dancing.

  • No Name
    No Name  1 months ago +3658

    I feel like Sarah dislikes Elliana, even though she acts nice in front of her.
    EDIT: I saw that Elliana and Sarah were good friends outside of dance moms. I never meant to attack the girls. It is just that a reality tv show can be deceiving.

  • Jana Deveseleer
    Jana Deveseleer  1 months ago +329

    i agree with sarah for asking to be in the dance but it was rude of her to say that she looked better tbh

  • Ayen Ajak
    Ayen Ajak  1 months ago +149

    This episode why did Sarah seem so bratty?

  • charlotte
    charlotte  1 months ago +105

    UNPOPULAR OPINION buuuut.... I feel like Sarah is kinda throwing Ellianna under the bus because she elli was originally meant for the duet. They all go on about working as a team but she tries to take a dance away from another teammate.

  • Coco R.G.V
    Coco R.G.V  1 months ago +16

    When Yolanda said all kamryn can do is shake her hips I was like😒At least she has hips to shake Yolanda. Ur built like a Roblox character.

  • Galilea Avila
    Galilea Avila  1 months ago +1529

    These kids are turning into their mothers .......... and is that really a good thing
    —Dr Holly
    Edit:Omg thank you so much for 1k likes that is the most i’ve ever gotten 😊💕

  • Spindy YetThrifty
    Spindy YetThrifty  1 months ago +60

    I think Sarah and her mother really arent a team player and thats the tea for today. If they honestly think just because she was the understudy she deserved the role she's in a rude awakening for the real world because even though she had the face she didn't have the technique and not to mention Hannah didn't have a solo or a duet and you don't see her whining

  • Synchro ALDC
    Synchro ALDC  1 months ago +45

    the girls in this season keep talking back to abby, wich is good most of the time, but in this case i don't think it was "Sarah's dance"

  • FallenAlice
    FallenAlice  1 months ago +26

    I think all girls are amazing but Eli is the best dancer on the team 🤷🏽‍♀️ I really wish Eli and Savannah could dance together

  • Samantha Ruiz
    Samantha Ruiz  1 months ago +19

    I feel bad for Sarah but she needs to understand that the duet was made for elliana and gianina

  • Alexis Wagner
    Alexis Wagner  1 months ago +3400

    I love how Elliana was so mature about it though. Sarah deserves to get a chance in the future but Abby is right it was made for Elliana’s dancing style

  • Jayla Rostant
    Jayla Rostant  1 months ago +11

    These girls are so exposed to drama and I liked the Ogs because they separated themselves from it.

  • Jessica Nguyen
    Jessica Nguyen  1 months ago +34

    They be saying oh Eli shouldn’t have her spot cuz she hasn’t been there all week, and then when she is asked to perform on the spot she does it they are just making Eli shine even more

  • Taya's World
    Taya's World  an hour ago +1

    Anyone else wondering wHo THe heCk CamErOn iS?

  • Miss Nicole Arie
    Miss Nicole Arie  7 days ago +7

    The point is, when Sarah was talking to Abby she was respectful... Gia is always a brat