Game of Thrones - Top 10 Best & Worst Changes from the Books

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  • Published on:  Monday, July 10, 2017
  • Game of Thrones - Top 10 Best & Worst Changes from the Books!Top 10 Best Changes!10. 00:00:49 9 - 00:03:108. 00:05:007. 00:07:006. 00:08:405. 00:09:404. 00:10:503. 00:13:002. 00:14:151. 00:15:30Top 10 Worst Changes!10. 00:18:109. 00:20:358. 00:21:307. 00:23:006. 00:24:255. 00:25:454. 00:27:103. 00:28:142. 00:30:001. 00:31:40FOLLOW US ON TWITTER, INSTAGRAM, SOUNDCLOUD, ITUNES & FACEBOOK!TWITTER! - -! -! -! -


  • Complex Matt  1 months ago

    "the night king is the best villain in the show" oohhh this didnt age well.

  • Richk097 0  13 days ago

    NK was the best villain hands they said.....dude was in only a handful of episodes BUT every time we saw him.....we knew that something bad was going to happen. He never spoke, never showed any emotion & we never knew what he even wanted or his motivations. He was just this unstoppable force of nature & the end of Hardhome was the creepiest moment in the show hands down. Joffrey & even Ramsay were very one dimensional. The only "villain" who came close was Tywin. Jus...

  • ambrr  1 months ago

    "The White Walkers" section didn't age well haha

  • Painis Cupcake  21 days ago

    "they're going to deliver because. How can't they?"

  • emma m  1 months ago

    i thought the same thing LMAO

  • ST4RK in the North  1 months ago

    15:30 "they're going to deliver can't they ?" Ehhhhh

  • hahahahahaha

  • Warl0ck_St0rm  1 months ago

    15:24 "they wont let us down. How can they?" Easily apparently.

  • C AM  10 days ago

    Actually super easy, barely an inconvenience

  • 死Death  13 days ago

    Barely an inconvenience (pitch meeting voice)

  • Cid L Dearpine  1 months ago

    "When that showdown happens -- dragons versus walkers -- they're going to deliver, because, how can't they?"Oh my sweet summer child.

  • Ryan Richards  10 days ago

    What a fucking meme team those two D&D are, huh?A fucking toddler could've written a more entertaining ending. Douche bag & his sidekick Disaster boy.

  • Zephius64  1 months ago

    Lmfao, my exact line of thought when they said that. The biggest tragedy since the Red Wedding...

  • JayBigDadyCy  1 months ago

    The fact that Ghost is so prominent in the books and seems so important yet in the show he's nonexistent. That's the one big difference I hate.

  • Harleydoge  22 days ago

    I think thats because GRRM plans for the Starks being able to Warg, and all having a connection with the Wolves has been dropped from the show aside from Bran, and they felt that giving all the Starks that ablity would confuse things, so a lot of the Direwolf stuff that GRRM had planned wouldn't work now.

  • Aaron Mooneyham  24 days ago

    @Cheap Tactics I'll have to look up something about how they film. There's so much they do that I want to know how they do it. The lord of the rings dvds always had extra video on how they filmed it that I'd watch as a kid. I must of watched those movies 40 times each. It'll always be my favorite book and film series.

  • bicnicky  1 months ago

    "When that showdown happens, the song of ice and fire, dragons vs walkers, it's going to be that much better because we've been patient and we've waited. They're going to deliver because how can't they." Well you'd think that but...

  • GoBuckeyes554  10 days ago

    oh brother

  • Abigail C  1 months ago

    bicnicky they did deliver tho

  • Noora Black  5 months ago

    What I love most about the interactions between Lady Arya and Lord Tywin is how those scenes allow us to view Lord Tywin differently. To me, he goes as far as to appear kind to Lady Arya.

  • becca lou  yesterday

    you mean after five books and eight seasons of arya telling everyone she's not a lady, there's people out here calling her lady arya?

  • Donald Smith  20 days ago

    Shes not a lady

  • H  6 months ago

    Rickon’s death in the show pissed me off. They literally just wasted a whole Stark heir away.

  • Mayas Vlog  1 months ago

    Well there was no reason for him to be around anymore

  • Sacredgeometry  1 months ago

    @Australiantatious that isn't canon. Littlefinger is still alive in the books.

  • RPG Is Life  1 months ago

    "In the show, they've handled the White Walkers better." At least until Season Eight arrives.

  • RPG Is Life  12 days ago

    @zbrown02 Well, Georgie did say that there would be more to do with the Others in The Winds of Winter, so I'm counting on it.

  • zbrown02  12 days ago

    RPG Is Life thats fair. hopefully winds of winter has the others featured more prominently. there is no way the book versions will be as dumb as the shows version of them.