He Came Back After 17 Years to Prove Them WRONG! Simon's APOLOGY? *NEVER GIVE UP MOMENT*

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, September 11, 2018
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    He Came Back After 17 Years to Prove Them WRONG! Simon's APOLOGY? *NEVER GIVE UP MOMENT


  • MusicTalentNow
    MusicTalentNow  8 days ago +1618

    ❤️ Go Go Danny, We love You :) ❤️
    NEVER GIVE UP is My personal live motto! What is Yours?
    Live Every Day with the smile on your face :) Life is too short! "70 Years ago..." LMAO :)))

  • Ketan Pradeep Lalan
    Ketan Pradeep Lalan  an hour ago

    Hats off

  • John Jones
    John Jones  2 hours ago

    He's ok, but I think he's singing from the throat a bit. There's not a lot of power coming from the chest. Needs a bigger voice to do justice to this song.

  • pat D
    pat D  2 hours ago

    The Irish Robin Williams 😂😂

  • Michael Karlsen
    Michael Karlsen  2 hours ago

    Gimli the dwarf has some massive voice!

  • locomojoboy2
    locomojoboy2  3 hours ago

    He waited 17 years just to prove Simon wrong?! Bro, who cares what someone said that long ago? Just get over it and move on with your life already.

  • Valerie Luna
    Valerie Luna  5 hours ago

    Omg I watch this video over and over so much passion, talent, and heart lord danny you are by far the best and I love watching this video

  • Aino Boco
    Aino Boco  5 hours ago

    Am I the only one who cried a lot after he sing his heart on the song!

  • Exotic Arthropods
    Exotic Arthropods  8 hours ago +1

    Damn onions!

  • Angel Heart
    Angel Heart  9 hours ago

    37 though? More like 57---He is good though

  • Elio Prota
    Elio Prota  9 hours ago

    what's his name... Danny what?

  • Ken Kazuto
    Ken Kazuto  9 hours ago

    Never give up my pride!

  • Ecin Duhamej
    Ecin Duhamej  9 hours ago

    I love this man's determination in succeeding in life and reaching that goal. So proud of him. You did good sir! Hands down. 🎉🎉🎉👏👏

  • Dean Coronado
    Dean Coronado  9 hours ago

    Holy crap...my voice teacher said never let emotion overtake you when singing: He was wrong.

  • BBBYpsi
    BBBYpsi  11 hours ago

    If I am gonna be honest I do not think the vocal was great. It was alright but this guy gave everything he had & put his whole entire soul & heart into. When they do that you do not really have to have a great vocal. Perfect example would have been for their unique voices not great vocally would be Joe Cocker or Louis Armstrong.

  • kmfa trt
    kmfa trt  12 hours ago

    Not impressed

  • Samantha T
    Samantha T  12 hours ago

    Awwww he sounds like pooh bear ☺️

  • Kalinna Vyacheslavovna

    So much this <3

  • Plant Perfect
    Plant Perfect  12 hours ago

    Danny Danny Danny Danny

  • Atlantic City Line Dancer

    I’m offa here all these dong gone tear jerking videos...it’s my day off I should be happy...lol
    Bye yall