Behind the Gear: Sticks

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, February 5, 2014
  • Jody Shelley takes a look "Behind the Gear" of Blue Jackets players.


  • Ryan Alexander
    Ryan Alexander  3 days ago

    So do the equipment managers cut sticks

  • Old Luke
    Old Luke  14 days ago

    Homoeroticism is heavy in there...kind of scary if you close your eyes.

  • Samsiah Samit
    Samsiah Samit  6 months ago

    Upon tict

  • ethan hatcher
    ethan hatcher  6 months ago +6

    I thought this was a recent video. Then I saw Tytun and went “uhh, check the date”

  • chappyfx
    chappyfx  9 months ago +1

    the amount of tape they must waste when it's not "perfect"

  • Subaruuu12
    Subaruuu12  9 months ago +1

    Cams knob is straight dust.

  • Fortnite Hype
    Fortnite Hype  9 months ago

    Did he say anal

  • Lisa Moreira
    Lisa Moreira  10 months ago +5

    "Do you paint your stick?"

  • benj5490 benj5490
    benj5490 benj5490  10 months ago +1

    NHL players are so lucky to have what ever stick they want

  • SpikeFlea
    SpikeFlea  10 months ago

    2:15, what a moron. Uses a whole roll of tape to build a knob. Just buy the hockey grips like Fedor Tyutin is putting on here.

    PLAYLIST PERSON  11 months ago

    Anyone else on pewee A? We don’t have a double A team

  • Kristen Pye
    Kristen Pye  11 months ago +3

    they should just be grateful that they even have sticks

  • Jay Senske-Hobbs
    Jay Senske-Hobbs  11 months ago +8

    bro your nose is triggering me

  • Knäckebröd
    Knäckebröd  11 months ago

    Seriously they waste so much tape! Play with the same tape for at least 2-3 weeks! So fkn spoiled!

  • Glasterz
    Glasterz  11 months ago +2

    CCM Ribcore stick "Do you paint that or does it come like that"
    Yes... because an NHL player is worried about having a large CCM logo and a model name stamped in logo form right on their stick apart from maybe Horton who sprays the green off a bit...

  • cbjgirl23
    cbjgirl23  11 months ago

    It’s baby Jody! Also bye Fedor

  • Ryan McNally
    Ryan McNally  11 months ago

    In the stick room where they get the sticks ready. No shit

  • Mattiethenerd Streams

    Go kings go

  • SloppeyJoe 6D9
    SloppeyJoe 6D9  a years ago

    I’m always stunned at how these American interviewers have no clue what’s happening. It’s unreal.

  • Hockey Alley
    Hockey Alley  a years ago +2

    If it’s short add a plug it works fine