Knight of the Laughing Tree: how did Jon Snow's parents meet?

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  • Published on:  Saturday, May 20, 2017
  • Twenty years before Game of Thrones, the biggest party in Westeros was held at Harrenhal – with Starks, Targaryens and Daynes in attendance. Who was the mysterious knight who fought for a young crannogman?

    This video contains spoilers for Game of Thrones up to Season 6 and Book 5.

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  • Vilkku
    Vilkku  2 years ago +5323

    Me at the beginning: Such a random little tale, why make a video about it?

    Me at the end: Holy shit, this story started the events of Game of Thrones.

  • DeathBySeaToast
    DeathBySeaToast  3 days ago

    "who got the most drunk? Who hooked up with who? Who was plotting to overthrow the government? "

  • Ultron-5
    Ultron-5  21 days ago +1

    Anyone in the seven kingdoms: Exists

    King Aerys, “The Mad King”: You’re my enemy!

  • Squelch
    Squelch  21 days ago

    Lyanna Stark is my guess cause of the laughing weirwood tree and she’s a good rider ! And wanted to avenge them beating up this reed fella !

  • Lulu su Tiger
    Lulu su Tiger  1 months ago

    Could it had been Liana Stark?

  • TriggrdBigfoot
    TriggrdBigfoot  1 months ago

    Rhaegar is sent to find the mystery knight. Takes the knight out and takes off the helmet. Immediately entranced by Lyanna. Let's her go. Gives her the flower after winning the tourney. Everything that leads to game of thrones goes down. Boom. Howland Reed inadvertently started game of thrones.

  • Lukas Lambraia
    Lukas Lambraia  1 months ago

    The knight was very clearly Lyana Stark

  • Alejandro Mendoza
    Alejandro Mendoza  1 months ago

    Ed stark was younger than his sister dummy

  • CrazyProf
    CrazyProf  1 months ago

    Probably was Jamie, cuz he wasnt allowed to fihgt cuz he was in the kings guard.

  • Raul Mora
    Raul Mora  2 months ago +1

    I'm still convinced the knight were Ned, simply because he never wanted the attention for himself and he wanted honor more than anything, besides being a good raider isn't the only condition to play in justs, also being strong after all those spears are heavier and longer than any other, other fact is that Ned is the only Stark trained in the south in the history of Westeros, and Robert also said Ned were a good raider so even in possibilities for me between Ned and Lyanna, but Ned has the upper hand in this matter as i can see, besides the TV show is not really a good evidence to declare something of the books as how Dorne, Greyjoy and Tyrrell story line were butchered and how Howland and Lady stoneheart were cutted out being very important characters for the events to come.

  • Nick Newton
    Nick Newton  2 months ago

    Because rhaegar is a horndog who disrespected his wife and entire region of people bevause he couldn't control his cock, also disrespected Lyanna in front of her betrothed Robert Baratheon and her brothers Brandon and Eddard stark. But shes a hornball too so she said to hell with my family and my husband im gonna go jump on some of this younger cock and rhaegars dad was like fuck the Starks ima kill em. Poor little Robert is too gassed up to realize his wife left his fat ass and decided to rebel against the targaryens theiving sex slaving ways and what do you know? He killed rhaegar but it was too latr as rhaegars cock had already killed Lyanna. As she lay dying birthing a child she forgot that rhaegars youngest son with Elia was already named Aegon Targaryen so technically there were 2 children with the same name. Unfortunately the first was juiced like an orange by the mountain

  • David Thomas
    David Thomas  2 months ago +1

    The Bran theory is just dumb. It's obviously lyanna.

  • Kamil Miedzinski
    Kamil Miedzinski  2 months ago

    its amazing how complex this is or could be... I just finished reading this chapter and come back to your video to better understand it. This fan theory of Bran warging Howland is just amazing because in this complex world of GRRM it's still pleasuble. I love the hint of Bran saying that "one day as a knight would be enough" at the end of a chapter. Cheers! ;)

  • Ahmed
    Ahmed  2 months ago

    So it were those three stupid squires who caused the rebellion and brought the Targaryen dinesty to end.

  • Zachariah Bourgeois
    Zachariah Bourgeois  3 months ago

    I bet the knight was Benjen. This might be why he joined the nights watch in fear of King Arrys finding out who the knight was. Benjen joining the night watch would make it so the king wouldn’t be able to get ahold of him if he was found out.

    Just an idea.

  • Casey H
    Casey H  3 months ago

    Narrator sounds like Oliver from Legion, Jemaine Clement

  • Tejas Nadkarni
    Tejas Nadkarni  4 months ago

    benjen14. he's too young. Lyanna15 That makes sense

  • User name
    User name  5 months ago

    You definitely have read the books to great detail but dont you understand in their world youre an adult at the age of 15? So it makes sense for people to be able to joust well at 15

  • BiasedGrunt1998
    BiasedGrunt1998  5 months ago +1

    I really really doubt Lyanna was strong enough to jousy and beat the other nights. The shield was found in a tree. Is it not possible the weirwoods made one of their one take a human avatar?

  • Matthew Brumley
    Matthew Brumley  5 months ago +1

    No way Jon is Lyanna’s son. That dude is now kicking butt with the golden company. Jon is Ned’s son, birthed from Ashara Daine who is alive and raised Lyanna’s son. Also Lyanna was the knight of the laughing tree. That is why the prince fell for her. Benjin knew everything and withholding that and their location after they run off is why Benjin was sent to the wall by Ned.