The Taylor Swift Kanye West Debate & Divide, James Gunn Returns, Kavanaugh SCOTUS Update, & More...

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, October 9, 2018
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    James Gunn Returns Via DC?

    Limo Accident in New York:
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    Brett Kavanaugh Confirmed to the Supreme Court:
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  • Philip DeFranco
    Philip DeFranco  10 days ago +1012

    Would really love to know your thoughts on the backlash of hypocrisy when it comes to celebs speaking out on political issued? Let's start a conversation! <3
    Taylor Swift/Kanye/Trump (00:06), James Gunn Moves to DC (5:35), TIA (5:49), Tragic Limo Accident (6:50), Brett Kavanaugh SCOTUS Confirmation (10:45)

    • David
      David  6 days ago

      "Stay in your lane" is relevant when for example, a sports star is at a stadium playing in a game. Don't bring politics to a sporting event. Talk about whatever you like on Instagram, if people don't want to hear it they can unfollow.

    • ByeLando
      ByeLando  6 days ago

      Kanye has talked about that type of stuff before, rap and hip hop is a good way to talk about it and get the conversation going , whereas taylor swift has never talked about that type of stuff before and to just suddenly say all of that picking sides not caring about the intellectual diversity her audience is bound to have is wrong, politics can ruin an artist in general, i'm sure some people listen to her to get away from politics and her jumping in like that is kind of inconsiderate, further dividing people of different opinions
      edit: also using her audience to get what she wants politically is bullshit, not encouraging people to think and vote based in THEIR beliefs not HERS, i'm positive most of the people who voted didn't know what they were doing and just wanted to support their favorite singer

    • Seraph O. Storms
      Seraph O. Storms  7 days ago

      You left far too many details out, such as the fact that the Democrats initially said they only wanted the FBI investigation to be a week, and that the people the FBI didn't interview either already had testified under oath or were saying things like "I heard from a friend of a friend that Kavanaugh was at the party".

    • Cassie Banks
      Cassie Banks  8 days ago

      Why are we asking "should celebrities get involved in politics?" Why aren't we asking the question "Does America support human rights???" I actually never cared for Taylor Swift in the past because she DIDN'T stand up for human rights in a vocal way. I may have to actually reassess her as a fully functional adult who's concern for humanity and her fans isn't just a PR move. Taylor Swift's audience started and is very steeped in the ignorance of the south which embraces the cleansing of non-white skinned people from the earth and the owning of women as trophy wives who should not open their mouths to do anything other than entertain them. Knowing this, what she did was tantamount to a Dixie Chicks move - she's challenged her audience about their acceptance of voting for Congress and Senators who would do anything to keep women in their place and sexual assault their male privilege, to be swept under the rug as they see fit - even when someone who will create the future laws for America is considered for a seat on our highest lawmaking court. My mind is blown she would care enough about humanity that she would threaten her income making potential to speak up and have to still interact with the like of Toby Keith.
      All the confirmation of Kavanaugh did was reinforce old rich white men's support of the sexual assault of women. They have signaled, just like Trump did with his taped confirmation of his liberal sexual assault of women because he felt his wealth gave him the right to sexually assault any woman he wanted, to all young men that sexual assault will be swept under the rug in the future.

    • Ark3001
      Ark3001  9 days ago

      Any person that can encourage more people to register and vote is a good thing despite if they are using their level of prestige in society (i.e. politician, celebrity, or otherwise). Now if they choose to share who they think a good candidate may be is their write to voice and exercise free speech, but that does not mean they are a political expert. It is everyone's responsibility to stay informed through multiple mediums in today's world. Read up on all the people running for office, watch their interviews and debates, look for what they stand for and what they say they will do. Most importantly make sure you are voting for a person that you believe best represents your beliefs, standards, and morals so you will be best represented in our political system. None of this can happen unless each individual registers and actually goes out and votes.

  • UFOs not Religion
    UFOs not Religion  16 hours ago

    What debate? Swift is a flake, and the left are deranged npc victims.

  • BadgerCheese94
    BadgerCheese94  yesterday

    I am not a Taylor Swift fan, I am not even liberal or conservative, nor am I voting in 2018, but she has 100% full rights to say what she thinks. And even though I am not voting myself, I fully support people encouraging others to vote. She doesnt even tell people who THEY should vote for shes just staying who SHE is voting for. Big deal! Move the fuck on!

  • sluttyMapleSyrup
    sluttyMapleSyrup  yesterday

    Celebrities have as much right to speak their minds about politics as any of us. Like they're opinions on vaccines however, that doesn't mean we should blindly follow them.

  • k98killer
    k98killer  2 days ago

    "We were afraid the investigation would not find what we want it to find, and those fears were realized. We thus reject the validity of the investigation that did not confirm our bias or lend credence to our decision to oppose and smear this candidate since his nomination was announced." -- Chuck Schumer

  • k98killer
    k98killer  2 days ago

    Kanye and Taylor Swift should both just shut up and dribble. In fact, everyone should shut up and dribble. Would life really be so bad if we replaced political discourse with basketball?

  • Charlotte Morris
    Charlotte Morris  2 days ago

    James Gunn shouldn't have been fired today ridiculous considering Disney is known to be racist . Guardians will be shit without him. Suicide squad will on the other hand will be amazing

  • Sadpants McGee
    Sadpants McGee  2 days ago

    Lost a lot of respect for Taylor for this.

  • Jalen Lee-bright
    Jalen Lee-bright  2 days ago

    Lol, when the democrats start talking about unfair fbi investigations I literally get mind blown every time. It's almost like 2016 didn't exist. As if #pizzagate and the 33,000 emails came from a Tom Clancy novel. I mean, ARE YOU REALLY GOING TO PLAY THAT CARD???

  • Zukka 88
    Zukka 88  2 days ago

    Collins got a big dark money check after confirming Kavanagh.

  • Sir Mr. Man Savage

    You can tell in this comments section who watches Phil and Late Night comedians to get their news and is just parroting what they hear and who watches actual news and does their own research to make sure they're fully informed. You can also tell who is hardcore right wing. It's actually hilarious. Thanks for the laughs.

  • Katherine Smith
    Katherine Smith  3 days ago

    On James Gunn, he has said himself that he’s learned and grown from his tweets that got him fired from Marvel. I’m hoping James Gunn at the helm of a suicide squad movie means we won’t get another dumpster fire like the first one.

  • Empress Moka
    Empress Moka  3 days ago

    Hello John lennon, N.W.A, Bob Marley, Mohamed Ali and so much more. It never mattered if they were singers,athletes,actress or what ever kind of entertainment. They were always in politics

  • richard barber
    richard barber  3 days ago

    mocking or quoting? both??

  • yangzta41
    yangzta41  3 days ago

    It is hypocritical.

  • ButterscotchBanana

    Let's be honest here; Kavanaugh would've gotten the gig even if he literally wrote "get drunk and sexually assault Christine Blasey" on his super cool calendar. Hell, some senators outright said they'd still vote for him if he was guilty. He could've pulled his pants down and shit all over the table, made his bumbling incompetence abundantly clear, or acted like a retarded monkey during his job interview, and he still would've been confirmed.

  • xSmittyxCorex
    xSmittyxCorex  3 days ago

    I’ve never understood the “celebrities, shut up about politics!” Thing. If it actually sways the results, then we have bigger issues to worry about...
    Kanye and Taylor ARE different situations for a few different reasons though. Some may be point against Kanye, some may be point against Taylor, but there’s multiple reasons they’re different.

  • Zubiila
    Zubiila  4 days ago

    Celebrities have the right to share their political opinion and fight for what they find important. They just need to be aware that their fans might not agree with them. I personally don't dislike/like music based on the person who made it, but rather if it's good or not. How the people behind the music act or what they say won't affect how I feel about their music, but it may change how I feel about them as people.

  • Gantzuka
    Gantzuka  4 days ago

    I don't vote. I don't like being used or abused. The cast aside.

  • reece penistone
    reece penistone  4 days ago

    I think James Gunn could do good things to the suicide squad it had interesting characters just a meh plot although saying that I did enjoy it 😂