The Taylor Swift Kanye West Debate & Divide, James Gunn Returns, Kavanaugh SCOTUS Update, & More...

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, October 9, 2018
  • Lots to catch you up on today, you Beautiful Bastards! Thanks for tuning in.Yesterday’s Show: Video:————————————Follow Me On————————————TWITTER:————————————Today in Awesome:————————————Roasting the Men of YouTube & Morty - Pickle Rick Outtakes Fallon, Shawn Mendes & The Roots Sing Are Nightmares So Scary? Life Noggin - it Should Have Ended Cast Answers Web’s Most Searched Q’s: Link:————————————Important Links/Sources:————————————Taylor Swift & Voting, Kanye West/Trump: : Gunn Returns Via DC? Accident in New York:While we used multiple sources to compile the information for today’s coverage, due to YouTube’s demonetization issue we will not include them here. Instead, we are linking to GoFundMe pages for the victims: Kavanaugh Confirmed to the Supreme Court:————————————Edited by: James GirardierProduced by: Amanda MoronesArt Director: Brian BorstWriting/Research: Philip DeFranco, Cecelia Applegate, Cody Snell, Dylan Siegel————————————#DeFranco #TaylorSwift #Kanye————————————


  • Philip DeFranco  8 months ago

    Would really love to know your thoughts on the backlash of hypocrisy when it comes to celebs speaking out on political issued? Let's start a conversation! <3Taylor Swift/Kanye/Trump (00:06), James Gunn Moves to DC (5:35), TIA (5:49), Tragic Limo Accident (6:50), Brett Kavanaugh SCOTUS Confirmation (10:45)

  • David  8 months ago

    "Stay in your lane" is relevant when for example, a sports star is at a stadium playing in a game. Don't bring politics to a sporting event. Talk about whatever you like on Instagram, if people don't want to hear it they can unfollow.

  • Seraph O. Storms  8 months ago

    You left far too many details out, such as the fact that the Democrats initially said they only wanted the FBI investigation to be a week, and that the people the FBI didn't interview either already had testified under oath or were saying things like "I heard from a friend of a friend that Kavanaugh was at the party".

  • Cassie Stephenson  8 months ago

    Everyone should talk about politics. Information is not a taboo.

  • Sir Mr. Man Savage  8 months ago

    Information can be taboo. That's why governments have classified information. Or you're not allowed to say certain things. What you mean is Politics shouldn't be taboo.

  • erzan  8 months ago

    @Hollow Pops No. In a Democracy anyone can talk about Politics.

  • Gloria Ann Rodriguez  8 months ago

    What Taylor did is different than what Kanye did. Taylor gave her opinion on her own states election and then told us to research our own candidates and to find someone who aligned with our values. She said we won’t ever find someone who aligns perfectly with our views but we should register and vote in order to see change. She never stated that we should vote like her. Everyone gives her crap about being a Republican when in actuality she is a Democrat. For her, it was necessary to finally let people ...

  • Korona ples  1 months ago

    @Gloria Ann Rodriguez Although she indirectly said that.

  • LordVader1094  7 months ago

    @Gloria Ann Rodriguez How is she "actually a democrat"?

  • Jennifer Glenn  8 months ago

    Don’t vote for who celebrities tell u to vote for! Do your own research and come to your own conclusion.

  • erzan  8 months ago

    That's what Taylor swift said to do,did you even read her post? She told people to research and register.

  • Jordan  8 months ago

    I hate it when peoples say "People are stupid.", it's such a negative thing to say about humanity. People are "stupid" because they aren't informed. If no one taught them to do less "stupid" things then how would they know those things were "stupid"? Plus the way the media works it's specifically designed to capture the minds of uninformed masses to tell them who to vote for. It's an unfair generalization of people.

  • cloudsofsunset  8 months ago

    Honestly as long as celebrities don't do: "Hey! vote republican/democrats/liberals/etc." but: " i am voting this side even if you are from the other political party i accept you i highly recommend you to make your opinion noticed voting and respect everyone" is fine by me

  • erzan  8 months ago

    @cynd winzeler That's what Taylor swift said to do,did you even read her post? She told people to research and register.

  • erzan  8 months ago

    So Trump can't be President.

  • lets be honest. if Taylor endorsed a republican, the reaction would NOT be the same. there would be no "...BuT ThE pReSiDeNt Is a CeLeBrItY" comments.

  • TheReddaredevil223  8 months ago

    Right. People only make arguments to suit their needs and motivations. Most people have no actual fucking brains.

  • Jenna Fern  8 months ago

    “Should celebrities get involved with politics?” *OUR PRESIDENT IS LITERALLY A CELEBRITY*

  • Jenna Fern  8 months ago

    Bryant Moreland they literally killed somebody............ with their fucking car................

  • Drason Vender  8 months ago

    lucoa You must of not gone out that often because there were rallies out in the open since Clinton’s era which again didn’t exactly get media attention “I don’t recall our president calling Nazis very fine people”Jesus I hate this misquote, he didn’t call Nazis fine people he said “I hate Neo Nazis and racists but not every person marching there was a Neo Nazi there were very fine people on both sides” Do I agree? Hell no but he didn’t call Nazis fine people Trump doesn’t like the kneeling because...

  • Damien3210  8 months ago

    If the impact of celebrity endorsments were a force to be reckonded with. You'd have president Clinton right now

  • Gantzuka  8 months ago

    @Robb he isn't the first.

  • Robb  8 months ago

    And yet a celebrity is President

  • Dante  8 months ago

    Everything is still terrible, gotcha.

  • Joy Brown  8 months ago

    My dog could have made a better Suicide Squad movie than David Ayer. All about James Gunn making the next one!

  • Joy Brown  8 months ago

    Josh Mayne him being pedophile sympathizer, doesn’t mean he can’t make a bomb ass Suicide Squad movie yo. One has nothing to do with the other, Josh!😉😂😂😂😂

  • Liam Mackay  8 months ago

    Josh Mayne “pedophilia is not a joke” are you kidding me how sensitive are you?! Pretty much anything can be a joke, just because you believe something doesn’t make it true.