The Taylor Swift Kanye West Debate & Divide, James Gunn Returns, Kavanaugh SCOTUS Update, & More...

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, October 9, 2018
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    James Gunn Returns Via DC?

    Limo Accident in New York:
    While we used multiple sources to compile the information for today’s coverage, due to YouTube’s demonetization issue we will not include them here. Instead, we are linking to GoFundMe pages for the victims:

    Brett Kavanaugh Confirmed to the Supreme Court:
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  • Philip DeFranco
    Philip DeFranco  2 months ago +1018

    Would really love to know your thoughts on the backlash of hypocrisy when it comes to celebs speaking out on political issued? Let's start a conversation! <3
    Taylor Swift/Kanye/Trump (00:06), James Gunn Moves to DC (5:35), TIA (5:49), Tragic Limo Accident (6:50), Brett Kavanaugh SCOTUS Confirmation (10:45)

    • David
      David  2 months ago

      "Stay in your lane" is relevant when for example, a sports star is at a stadium playing in a game. Don't bring politics to a sporting event. Talk about whatever you like on Instagram, if people don't want to hear it they can unfollow.

    • Seraph O. Storms
      Seraph O. Storms  2 months ago

      You left far too many details out, such as the fact that the Democrats initially said they only wanted the FBI investigation to be a week, and that the people the FBI didn't interview either already had testified under oath or were saying things like "I heard from a friend of a friend that Kavanaugh was at the party".

    • Cassie Banks
      Cassie Banks  2 months ago

      Why are we asking "should celebrities get involved in politics?" Why aren't we asking the question "Does America support human rights???" I actually never cared for Taylor Swift in the past because she DIDN'T stand up for human rights in a vocal way. I may have to actually reassess her as a fully functional adult who's concern for humanity and her fans isn't just a PR move. Taylor Swift's audience started and is very steeped in the ignorance of the south which embraces the cleansing of non-white skinned people from the earth and the owning of women as trophy wives who should not open their mouths to do anything other than entertain them. Knowing this, what she did was tantamount to a Dixie Chicks move - she's challenged her audience about their acceptance of voting for Congress and Senators who would do anything to keep women in their place and sexual assault their male privilege, to be swept under the rug as they see fit - even when someone who will create the future laws for America is considered for a seat on our highest lawmaking court. My mind is blown she would care enough about humanity that she would threaten her income making potential to speak up and have to still interact with the like of Toby Keith.
      All the confirmation of Kavanaugh did was reinforce old rich white men's support of the sexual assault of women. They have signaled, just like Trump did with his taped confirmation of his liberal sexual assault of women because he felt his wealth gave him the right to sexually assault any woman he wanted, to all young men that sexual assault will be swept under the rug in the future.

    • Ark3001
      Ark3001  2 months ago

      Any person that can encourage more people to register and vote is a good thing despite if they are using their level of prestige in society (i.e. politician, celebrity, or otherwise). Now if they choose to share who they think a good candidate may be is their write to voice and exercise free speech, but that does not mean they are a political expert. It is everyone's responsibility to stay informed through multiple mediums in today's world. Read up on all the people running for office, watch their interviews and debates, look for what they stand for and what they say they will do. Most importantly make sure you are voting for a person that you believe best represents your beliefs, standards, and morals so you will be best represented in our political system. None of this can happen unless each individual registers and actually goes out and votes.

    • Christina Bethea
      Christina Bethea  2 months ago I saw something today on Facebook that absolutely disgusted me.. can we bring back dirt bag of the day for this woman. Disclaimer: I have only seen this post more research may need to be done.

  • Lomecron
    Lomecron  yesterday

    I see the Taylor/Kanye political involvement as two completely different things. Taylor's primary message was, "Voting is important, register to vote" Which is massively important, young people do not vote enough, do not get involved in the political process enough. which hurts them and their futures. Secondly her argument was about her local politicians, which is directly relevant to her, and again should invigorate people to know more about their local politicians.
    Whereas Kanye's political leanings are all at the top, Trump, MAGA, Kanye 2020. It's just another form of celebrity to him, but more importantly it's not about getting involved as individuals, but reinforcing the top down power structure, identity politics. And I will never say "stay in your lane" about talking about politics, getting involved, protesting, tweeting. But running for office is another thing entirely. Neither Kanye nor Taylor should be president. Not unless they do what Reagan did and start small. Be a mayor or a governor, maybe after a few years, congress or the senate. Regan was a governor for nearly a decade. that should be the standard for trying to run for president.

  • slysaysstuff
    slysaysstuff  5 days ago

    Do you think celebrities should get involved in [politics] and if they are effective?
    Celebrities don’t stop being people when they become famous, so why do we treat them less than people? It’s not fair that they can’t express their opinions like everyone else because of their fame. When celebrities talk about politics, it gets people riled up, like in this story. Whether that’s effective or not, it depends on what you believe in when it comes to politics.

  • Zutto Aragi
    Zutto Aragi  6 days ago

    Celebrities have the right to voice their opinion on politics. But I also have the right to have an opinion on their opinion. If I find out a celebrity I like is for abortion and thinks women need even more rights than they have now, I'm probably going to veer away from anything that person is involved with going forward. Whereas if I hear a celebrity is for gun rights and personal responsibility over just relying on Daddy Government, even if I don't like their stuff I'm more likely to consider something they're involved with in future. Is it consistent? No, but you know what they say: consistency is a tool of the patriarchy.

  • debra Smith
    debra Smith  1 months ago

    Tbh no one cares about who Taylor Swift votes for or who kanye votes for its so obvious that middle America is fed up wit democrates an their antics an the way they did Kanye just added more fuel to the fire so don’t be surprised when trump gets another term which he will cuz he reasonates wit the people

  • Simon Starcke
    Simon Starcke  1 months ago

    Legit Trump is hilarious though 😂
    From Rocket Man to that 1beer thing lmao

  • Lesley Tate
    Lesley Tate  1 months ago

    Why is this news ? It's not new at all. If you only go back to the 20th century there is Pres. Kennedy and the whole Ratpack and Marilyn Monroe connection in public (never mind the behind the scenes stuff) America seems to think everything they do is new when it's all been done before. Those who forget their history are doomed to repeat it and America as a whole seems to have a very short memory

  • prodigygod1
    prodigygod1  1 months ago

    we need james gunn back to gg3... like cmon..

  • Kirstyn Loftus
    Kirstyn Loftus  1 months ago

    *sits through an awful political ad so Phil can get that AdSense*

  • Joe Wylen
    Joe Wylen  1 months ago

    The secret link on this episode was A+++

  • Nevermind me I just Injected a whole weed

    everyone that doesnt wear a seatbelt in a car or bus gets fined. and yes, even animals and babies in their little shells.
    except rich ass mofos in their limos. why? cuz dey be rich, nigguh, rights dont apply to them
    murica back at it again

  • Starwarsdude8221991
    Starwarsdude8221991  1 months ago

    Love this hypocrisy Trump being the biggest celebrity lol

  • Ryan M
    Ryan M  1 months ago

    i don't give a damn what any celebrity does. you should never let another human being tell you what to believe. let them speak their opinions but always look at it from a place of objectivity.

  • Kylan
    Kylan  1 months ago

    I think celebrities have the right to get and be political. However, I don’t think they should force their politics. They should not say, “This is right.” They should not say, “This is wrong.” They should be respected for having political views, but forcing them onto others should be discouraged. To be clear, this is my view for everyone!

  • Jo Sho
    Jo Sho  1 months ago

    Yessss give DC the Gunn... just dont give it to Batman

  • Saff
    Saff  1 months ago

    If a celebrity can be elected (Reagan being a notable one), then a celebrity can speak out on politics. Telling them they can't is the exact opposite of what Americans whine about on the daily.

  • Gamblor
    Gamblor  1 months ago +1

    Taylor Swift is a Russian hack.

  • Richard Jolly
    Richard Jolly  1 months ago

    Where is the CNN calling Kanye a uneducated negro news story?

  • Reidosarous Rex
    Reidosarous Rex  1 months ago

    I usually cast a conflict vote. Vote for Independents or opposite party of incumbents. Always voting green for president. With how this confirmation went down, I can't support the Democratic canidates in my district and will be voting Republican. Didn't cast a primary vote, or participate in polls as I usually do.

  • UFOs not Religion
    UFOs not Religion  1 months ago

    What debate? Swift is a flake, and the left are deranged npc victims.