CHILD'S PLAY: Claymation - "Chucky A.I. Mayhem" (Lee Hardcastle)

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  • Published on:  Friday, June 21, 2019
  • Chucky unleashes artificial intelligence mayhem in glorious claymation from the great Lee Hardcastle! Watch this all-new clip, and get tickets for Child's Play, now playing in theaters everywhere!


  • Vitoria Camily Bispo dos santos


  • Clark
    Clark  2 days ago

    I give the golden Chainsaw for the coolest kill to the bathroom girl,not only did she get burned to a crisp but exploded into a blood bath,LITERALLY!!!

    I’ll give the Dull Machete to the shirtless dude.He got killed with a lawnmower off screen,that’s no fun.

    Tell me if you have different points of views in the comments but I’m Clark and this has been the Kill Video Count

  • pablo sagi
    pablo sagi  3 days ago

    Espero que no a ya Matado al perro

    AARON GAMING  7 days ago

    Child's Play 1988
    Child's Play 2 1990
    Child's Play 3 1991
    Bride of Chucky 1998
    Seed of Chucky 2004
    Curse of Chucky 2013
    Cult of Chucky 2017
    Child's Play 2019

  • Reina Amaturi
    Reina Amaturi  7 days ago +1

    Well at least I'm thankful that the dog didn't die.
    Happy Thanksgiving🎉
    Also late Thanksgiving comment😅

  • Lygzo
    Lygzo  14 days ago

    My little 3 year old brother was crying for a day when he watched this

  • Ghostface
    Ghostface  21 days ago


  • ugo Aquilino
    ugo Aquilino  21 days ago


  • ruth rope
    ruth rope  21 days ago

    Kaslan toilet

  • Spiky horse
    Spiky horse  a months ago

    Everybody ding while Chucky has a horrible face

  • Colin Moore
    Colin Moore  a months ago +1

    this kinda looks like something tim burton would make

  • Pally Cookies
    Pally Cookies  a months ago

    This is actually really cool

  • X6800
    X6800  a months ago

    Clay is more terrifying than the movie Chucky.

  • MichaelMorbius4ever
    MichaelMorbius4ever  a months ago

    I wish claymation was used more often. It makes the atmosphere of a movie a LOT different scene to scene. A fantastic example is The Adventures Of Mark Twain, that movie is like a mushroom trip of sights and emotions although I wouldn't recommend taking psychedelics on first viewing...

  • Shadow Playz
    Shadow Playz  a months ago

    Poor dog

    MR. JUNIOR BRICKS  a months ago

    Dude this is from lee hardcastle you stealer!!!!

  • Proglitcher 4000
    Proglitcher 4000  a months ago

    Go chucky vs it Pennyways

  • leyrusz Saucedo
    leyrusz Saucedo  2 months ago

    que. orible😵