Cringe has gone too far

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  • Published on:  Monday, February 18, 2019
  • The cringe is coming for us all.🔴SUBSCRIBE ▶▸ Thank you so much Mike Criscimagna for editing this and Cade Huseby for helping me shoot/produce/research this.Hey▸▸▸


  • iiiLozza xoxo  5 months ago

    Anthony your hair is bigger than my future..

  • Kaiti Makayla  3 months ago

    My hair is “short” but it’s bigger then his I’m cooolllio 👌😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎

  • Harley Quinn  5 months ago

    Lets go back to saying awkwaaarrddd

  • A fellow Comrade  2 months ago

    xXcerialpandaXx ian: SHUT UP

  • Paris Barker  5 months ago

    ‘Cody Ko’s entire channel apparently’ made me DIE

  • Crimson YT  3 months ago

    Paris Barker how am I the first reply lol

  • Bee  5 months ago

    Your hair makes you look like intelligent sheep.

  • BI- -Han  4 months ago

    Nigel Cooper but it doesn’t make him look intelligent maybe an intelligent sheep but that about it.

  • Nigel Cooper  4 months ago

    Remove the words 'like' and 'sheep'

  • The Ducc  5 months ago

    Oh my god this guy is wearing makeup

  • Adil Rishan  2 months ago

    Its makeup for man

  • LooneyToons  4 months ago

    The Ducc I guess he was wearing *makeup for men*get it..cause he made..that video..with Ian-ok

  • CatScat  5 months ago

    calling people and things cringey seems to usually just be a socially accepted way of being an asshole to someone whose content probably wasn't made for you

  • M o o d  24 days ago


  • SilverishKitten  1 months ago


  • Forecast Janna  5 months ago

    Best outro!

  • JP Raps  5 months ago

    This video NEEDED to be at least 52 seconds longer if you ever want it promoted. - Sincerely Youtube

  • Snehal Dera  4 months ago

    @Hall Of The Vardy lol

  • Hall Of The Vardy  4 months ago

    @JP Raps now that was cringey

  • totes  5 months ago

    *_cram that cringe down my cornhole please_* 🌽

  • Justin Y.  5 months ago

    No, it hasn't gone far enough.

  • Ruby Covarrubias  4 months ago

    When will you do a face reveal

  • Reinis Miks  4 months ago

    Justin pls. Stop commenting.