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  • Published on:  Saturday, April 13, 2019
  • Game of Thrones final season 8 is just around the corner. We will soon find out what happens to such GOTs favorite stars as Jon Snow, all the Starks and of course to Daenerys Targaryen, the one and only mother of the dragons.

    While HBO is preparing for the release, we are giving you the video about main cast lives before they became famous. You will find out about a musical experience of the Melisandre, who was actually portrayed by Carice Van Houten, as well as Peter Dinklage`s band, which is a great surprise for fans of the Tyrion Lannister.

    We will tell you about young Alfie Allen before he became Theon Greyjoy, about Michelle Fairley, who played Catelyn Stark and also reveal intriguing details about Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, whom you should remember as handsome Jaime Lannister.

    More than that, Here we share some hot details about the previous acting experience of Lena Headey, who is Cersei Lannister in the show, and Sibel Kekilli.

    We will not forget to tell you the horrifying story of Emilia Clarke, who survived two strokes during portraying of DaenerysTargaryen. Before the cast became famous, these actors went through some really dramatic changes, so watch the video for more details.

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  • OSSA
    OSSA  3 months ago +7

    What do you think about the GOT finale? Find out real-life partners of the cast👉

  • Sindraug25
    Sindraug25  7 days ago

    10:24 - We all know which of her "talents" we're going to see.

  • Neelie B.
    Neelie B.  7 days ago

    You are the only narrator (including talk show hosts) who pronounced Lena Heady's name correctly.

    BTW I liked the finale. I think whoever became king or queen, there would still have been a bit of a letdown.

  • Lucky Anthony Zulueta-Official YouTube Channel

    Houten in the Philippines Means?

  • Натали Ганева

    7:10 It wasn't her body!

  • Sean D'Brass
    Sean D'Brass  2 months ago

    You will get more subs, if you fire the host. He is a horrible host.

  • MrJ Pmosh
    MrJ Pmosh  2 months ago

    Wow , i forgot about the Sarah Conner Chronicles ... Such a good show

  • sree hari
    sree hari  2 months ago

    7:9 actually in shame walk they dont use her body

  • ahmed ahmed
    ahmed ahmed  2 months ago

    There is more to sibel than her past in porn, she's actually very accomplished actress and it's a shame you didn't bother to mention more about this.

  • Love 13
    Love 13  2 months ago

    Y stressing on Nikolaj's strong nd successful marriage??? Oh I got it.. ur an American. Successful marriages seems rare for u Americans 😆😂.

  • King Casper
    King Casper  2 months ago

    the walk of shame was not lenas body. they put her face on another womens body.

  • Cristian Roth
    Cristian Roth  2 months ago

    7:04 As far as I know, Cersei's walk of atonement was made with a body double. I know it's a huge jump in time, but in 300 you see the real Lena Heady naked and she really didn't change too much. She was slimmer, had narrower hips and smaller breasts. In terms of hiding the body differences, there are tons of better body doubles, so you'd expect this one to be obvious. Better pray, for this video is dark and full of terrors

  • wezi kumwenda
    wezi kumwenda  2 months ago

    You know nothing

  • sedge 65
    sedge 65  2 months ago

    Poorly scripted, I kept watching because I wanted to know about the actors' careers prior to GoT but you didn't even cover all the main characters and you got some facts wrong, which makes everything you said suspect. I had a headache by the time the vid was done from watching you bouncing around (terrible outfit, esp against that background), twitching your hands, and speaking like a computer with an accent. I won't watch this channel again.

  • Jose Baco
    Jose Baco  2 months ago

    His face while he talked about Sibel Kekilli's past work... YIKES

  • vereybowring
    vereybowring  2 months ago

    Checks for making sure you have a hit youtube factlet video (or not).
    Make sure presenter has a "look" including a hat for no reason indoors to appear as douchey as possible.
    Make sure the presenter has speaking cadence and mannerisms so they are as distracting as possible for the viewers.
    Double down on annoying speech by making sure as many names as possible are pronounced wrong.
    Make sure your factlets contain mistakes.
    Make smoking and drinking live musical performers sound edgy even though that was the norm until recently (seriously wtf).

  • You're the man now Dog

    Peter Dinklage makes a cameo in the HBO show OZ when Chico Guerra's crime is flashbacked to. We see a dwarf being thrown off a roof and it's Dinklage.

  • BobshortforKate
    BobshortforKate  2 months ago

    Your Script and Presentation is Awful..

  • E M P T Y自分を殺す

    every time i press on yt video this game of thrones AD must show up its getting annoying

  • J N
    J N  3 months ago

    To this day this guy is still moving his hands and pinching his fingers