Nate Diaz should stop throwing tantrums he has made tons of money from the UFC,Jones on DC vs Lesnar

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  • Published on:  Sunday, September 2, 2018
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  • TC Truestyle
    TC Truestyle  1 months ago

    Ive driven high 10,000 times! No wrecks or accidents. I prefer to drive stoned its more relaxing and honestly im more alert.

  • J.T. Cooper
    J.T. Cooper  2 months ago

    What about Kapernick??? He really needs to STFU. Funny his only some people get to be perpetual victims.

  • killerkano79
    killerkano79  2 months ago

    I got winning
    1. Khabib
    2. Ferguson
    3. Nate

  • Vegar Taza
    Vegar Taza  2 months ago

    Nate's record 19-10. WTF is this, overhyped, overpaid and overrated.

  • Shawn Mendenall
    Shawn Mendenall  2 months ago

    Of course everyone wants Conor to win. Besides Kevin Callout Lee, who has ever called out Khabib? No one wants to fight him. Let's not get this twisted. Khabib called Conor out. He wants to fight your chicken because this is number one easy fight in lightweight division. Its not about Conor for Khabib. It's about completely clearing out the division and retiring undefeated. Someone else is in the division making noise saying they are the best but he's only had one fight at the weight. Khabib is what, 11-0 at 155 in the UFC? It's a joke. 145 is not a tougher division than 155. Sorry. It's just what it is. Khabib is about to ragdoll Conor.

  • dustin tompkins
    dustin tompkins  2 months ago

    The ending part about driving high. You’re a stupid mfer bro. Maybe you can’t handle weed but it’s no where near drinking and driving. Gtfoh.

  • sky 2.0
    sky 2.0  2 months ago

    If you use the word casual as a comeback In a response, that means you are a beta male.

  • Cory Farmer
    Cory Farmer  2 months ago

    Conor McGregor the media King has showed his face once on tmz, but the Diaz bros are out in the community doing meet and greets on tmz every week, talked about on variety of subjects, doing social media posts with substance yes also had run ins with the law where they were proven innocent lol character far above McGregor and in the media probably 20 times more than Conor since 25th anniversary presser so who's the real media King right now and afraid of the press the Diaz bros are about to blow up again.

  • ScottyFox
    ScottyFox  2 months ago

    I'm sooo high..😬

  • Craig Szymanski
    Craig Szymanski  2 months ago

    Pettis is a bad matchup for mcgregor

  • Swegn
    Swegn  2 months ago

    Lol that weed bit ruined your video

  • K
    K  2 months ago

    Epic ending!! And nice to include the dont drive high message

  • CBdidit Productions
    CBdidit Productions  2 months ago

    Watch "Rock out Red - Necessary" on YouTube

  • le bourreau
    le bourreau  2 months ago

    4:15 Yeaahhhh

  • mytbeats
    mytbeats  2 months ago

    UFC trolls on Nate. Jejeje te Díaz brothers pimps in this game

  • comgetit1
    comgetit1  2 months ago

    Love this channel but should rename it UFC World and not MMA world. Only hear about the other promotions once in a blue moon

  • Ason Unique
    Ason Unique  2 months ago

    Bisping is the fucking man

  • Mr.WXLF's
    Mr.WXLF's  2 months ago

    Cause Rossi goes good with some dank over ice...

  • JQ Britt
    JQ Britt  2 months ago

    I laughed out loud when they showed Mike as TJ 😂😂 this is too Funny..

  • SunshineMania86
    SunshineMania86  2 months ago

    Micahel Bisping?