Trump Says He Has 'Absolute Right' To Pardon Himself | The View

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  • Published on:  Monday, June 4, 2018
  • “The View” co-hosts discuss the president’s tweet.


  • John Armstrong  1 years ago

    Is Whoopi really trying to explain the law to Sunny? I’m glad she stuck up for herself.

  • truus truus  1 years ago

    John Armstrong Exactly!

  • dominick lucido  1 years ago

    She is explaining what Trump's lawyers said - not her own ideas. You are misunderstanding

  • Juan Trinidad  1 years ago

    Joy is absolutely right, why pardon yourself if you’ve done nothing

  • hydrate your soul  1 years ago

    Juan Trinidad why cancel Roseanne?

  • Jonathan Vincent  1 years ago

    N Word Susserhands I don't see any proof there. I realize that Trump could be controlled opposition but I want to see your proof

  • Juan Trinidad  1 years ago

    Yes sunny for standing up to Whoopi

  • Ernest Brown  1 years ago

    Juan Trinidad sunny might be looking for lawyer work in the future if she keeps getting in it with whoopi. Vietnam Veteran retired

  • IMHTP  1 years ago

    Pardon yourself? Never in U.S. history has a President been so brazenly corrupt. It's like the U.S. Constitution is Trump's personal toilet roll.

  • arturo ruberte  1 years ago

    How do you know that haven't found anything, because they haven't leaked the Trump people have? We do not know what they have on Trump. They might have found so much evidence against him that they need to double and triple check, just to make sure that the information they have gotten is legit. I mean to assume they haven't found anything is not known. You do not know what they have. You guys are using Trump's talking points. That comment right there is a stupid one. Just as stupid as saying "fake...

  • pm616  1 years ago

    Is anyone else tired of Megan constantly bringing up the approval ratings from delusional Republicans?! We get it they like Trump and are being willingly ignorant, it adds nothing to the discussion!

  • Henry Mumba  1 years ago

    pm616 kinda like how you liberals were willfully ignorant when you thought hitlery clinton would win the election by a landslide

  • Nakyla Saunders  1 years ago

    Why does Megan shift the conversation to Trumps Stats / Hillary Clinton / Obama every time they talk about him doing something negative ?? She never stays on topic.

  • Y2M  1 years ago

    exactly 98% members of the Nazi party supported Hitler. well ok then that says more about them

  • Y2M  1 years ago

    Yeah Meghan is the voice of the Republican party "like omg and suchnot and totally like omg I had brunch with my conservative friend and such and like so like you know and like whatever."

  • Leonaza7  1 years ago

    Could you imagine if Obama had said this, the GOP would already be drawing up articles of impeachment instead of watching this go down and sitting on their hands for Trump. What a joke our democracy has become.

  • Jacob Glenman  11 months ago

    Leonaza7 again you? You’re everywhere commenting on videos lmfao 🤦🏻‍♂️Find a job

  • Brittany R  1 years ago

    Why does Whoopi think she knows more about the law than Sunny?

  • Tim Marshall  1 years ago

    huh? which bit was her knowing better ? she corrected a quote and said that lawyers/scholars said the President "may" rather than "can" pardon himself which was a minor non legal correction Sunny accepted and the point is that there isn't legal consensus anyway, these ladies all like each other and when they have an angle they throw it out there so that even if its categorically legally incorrect someone else can explain why and the audience benefits from hearing the reasoning- bu...

  • Yasmin Sayeed  1 years ago

    Brittany R cuz she’s thinks she’s her acting career gets her a PhD

  • iloveu85  1 years ago

    Look at Sunny shutting Whoopi down! Yes, Sunny! Speak, girl! Lol!

  • Ernest Brown  1 years ago

    iloveu85 sunny will be off the show if she don't learn whose in charge, theirs a reason that whoopi always speaks first. Vietnam Veteran retired

  • Joo Ki  1 years ago

    Must have been cathartic.

  • I'm glad Sunny is speaking up and I hope she does it more and stops Whoopi from talking over her with wrong information or opinions that she's generating out of the air just to hear herself talk. Yes I am OVER Goldberg. Love her as an actress, hate her as moderator.

  • Ernest Brown  1 years ago

    courtneybaritone01 whoopi is the star of the show remember that sunny who knows you baby I suggest you find another view to look at okay. Vietnam Veteran retired

  • Dauphin83  1 years ago

    Whoopi might know more law than attorney Hustin. She never lays the argument correctly. The President can pardon himself, because the constitution gives him the power to pardon and does not exclude a self pardon and is broad. BUT he can not pardon himself in cases of IMPEACHMENT. This is why Nixon did not self pardon, but Ford came behind him and did so. Sunny should have explained this. If you have the degree...give us the fullness there of!