ANNA AND THE APOCALYPSE Official Trailer (2018)

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, September 5, 2018
  • Music. Christmas. Zombies. Watch the official trailer for Anna and the Apocalypse and see why critics are calling it “Shaun of the Dead meets La La Land”! 💀🎄In theaters this holiday season.


  • stapogej
    stapogej  14 hours ago


  • jeffreyfuhz
    jeffreyfuhz  2 days ago


  • Jessie Smith
    Jessie Smith  4 days ago

    I’m not seeing this

  • Ma. Jenita Ranin
    Ma. Jenita Ranin  4 days ago

    I love it when she used the candy cane as a weapon

  • Sarah Cline
    Sarah Cline  4 days ago

    Oh My Fucking GOD Zombies!! *Looks at friends * Get weapons and lets SING! lol omg

  • Penny Boi
    Penny Boi  5 days ago

    The ending made me sad... like really sad...

  • wako dako
    wako dako  7 days ago

    Fantastic Xmas movie! Totally worth seeing.

  • kenneth miller
    kenneth miller  7 days ago

    frozen for adults.

  • Jacqueline Young
    Jacqueline Young  14 days ago +1

    What a way to celebrate the zombie season...I mean Christmas season! It was amazing, highly recommend!!

  • King Zay
    King Zay  21 days ago

    Thanks Hulu I’m watching on a free trial

  • Trúc Nguyễn
    Trúc Nguyễn  21 days ago

    Is she from the show Dickinson?

  • Shaz 08
    Shaz 08  21 days ago

    You had me at ‘Justin Beibers a zombie’ 😂

  • Yanni75
    Yanni75  28 days ago

    It's like Andrew Loyd Webber dug up John Hughes and George A Romero and ate their brains...

  • Classickid21
    Classickid21  a months ago

    Did the first ten minutes and felt if I was the zombie I'd want to die again. The singing ruined it for me...

  • Voracious T
    Voracious T  a months ago

    0:51 little funny but needs someone more relevant to nowadays like logan paul

  • tom h.
    tom h.  a months ago +1

    Just watched it & it’s awesome plus the music is good too so soundtrack is downloaded 👌🙃

  • milky toast
    milky toast  a months ago +2

    this is actually a sad film once you watch it

  • Insanity 1496
    Insanity 1496  a months ago +6

    I’d like to think that “Shaun of the Dead” and “Anna and the Apocalypse” share the same universe but most people doubt it.

  • JS D
    JS D  a months ago +1

    Zombie Land Copy

  • Drew Swizzle
    Drew Swizzle  a months ago

    Haa would have made billions of dollars if it wasnt a musical. Haha people are so fuckin stupid