What's the Deal With Bird Box

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, January 1, 2019
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  • Mr. Ditkovich  5 months ago

    *_John Cena was the villain._*

  • kadyn kwon  10 hours ago

    Mr. Ditkovich holy shit ur a genius

  • Honey mae Pogoy  3 days ago

    @Connor Simmonds zzzzzz

  • Unique  5 months ago

    Bird Box: Can't seeQuiet Place: Can't talkHush: Can't hearRaven: Can't shwim

  • GFelixx Bryn  2 days ago

    a quiet raven hush box: youre dead

  • bearbro 123  6 days ago

    taste: cant eat

  • Nerd Sandwich  4 months ago

    Birdbox: Can't see A Quiet Place: Can't speakHush: Can't hearMean Girls: Can't sit with us


  • Zboy 115 lmao why is the first thing everybody do is call someone toxic

  • cvsper  5 months ago

    I forgot the bald dude name who lost his wife. But he was right through the whole movie. Calling him an asshole for what, because he spit logic and common sense 😁. If only they had listened to him

  • Fizz  13 days ago

    cvsper goes to show that people who know their shit get ignored in favor of more personable people

  • good for him

  • Madeleine Knode  3 months ago

    "Are there - other - children in the world?" *You're doing great sweety* Hahahahahahhaha 😂😂😂

  • mialva05  5 months ago

    "Your name is Olympia, named after the sweetest girl I ever met."*" S H U T U P O L Y M P I A "*

  • AnastasiaSilvi  1 months ago

    She's like the Patrice of Bird Box

  • CoLdTrixer  3 months ago

    Honestly I feel like she said that only because she was naming the girl after her real mother. So if she said her mother was the most annoying person, then I'm sure it might upset the little girl over being related to her, as well as being named after her.

  • Nova Galaxy  5 months ago

    6:27 Im GUNNA open the DOoR

  • RudGrl  5 months ago

    Ooh a penguin 😍

  • zAc0n OP  4 months ago

    Blind people just win.

  • airbomb34  3 months ago

    The demons learn English at the end. WHAT A TWIST!

  • I Am Homeless  3 months ago

    Bird box: a zombie movie without zombies.