What's the Deal With Bird Box

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, January 1, 2019
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  • General Grievous
    General Grievous  an hour ago

    Lol I hated everyone especially the main character

  • howlingmine
    howlingmine  3 hours ago

    I thought Michael Jackson died a long time ago, but here he is playing a female lead in 2019!

  • Shane Matthew
    Shane Matthew  4 hours ago

    Bird box is just so boring. Oh yeah yeah

  • Grive Bulbs
    Grive Bulbs  5 hours ago

    When can we see the next Spider-Man review: far from home?

  • Out Of The Box Incorporated

    I hate Olympia 😂
    (ps. Anyone want to be YouTube friends? I make skits lol)

  • Out Of The Box Incorporated

    I love John Malkovich so much lol
    (ps. Anyone want to be YouTube friends? I make skits lol)

  • Anime Szczepek
    Anime Szczepek  7 hours ago

    *the monster was the girl in my class who says “do you know da wae?”*

  • Um Yeh
    Um Yeh  8 hours ago +1

    Kingdom hearts 3 review when you’re done plz

  • TheUnholiness Within

    I thought it was a crossover between The Walking Dead and Paranormal Activity. Worth watching, at best.

  • talissa almeida
    talissa almeida  9 hours ago

    I think it could have been better, if the present of the story was with hot dude and he died during it, and not in a close past...

  • Topi Grantlbart
    Topi Grantlbart  11 hours ago

    I have a question.
    Did you watch Titans? I want to hear your opinion if you think it sucks or is it okay, or maybe you thought it was pretty good.
    Because I tought it was okay

  • Bman Bman
    Bman Bman  11 hours ago

    Just another suicide conditioning movie from Hellywood to get people use to soft death and killing yourself. It's like " let me help you , by you, killing yourself". And the sheeple follow along .

  • Vincent Martin
    Vincent Martin  12 hours ago

    It’s actually real good.

  • John Clifford
    John Clifford  12 hours ago

    Sorry bro Aquaman kicks this movies ass

  • You Wish
    You Wish  12 hours ago

    Eh, the only thing I liked is the anti-immigration message, how the gun-toting conservative was right and how the hyper-emotional fat chick and black guy got everyone killed.
    It's weird to see Netflix not be a far-left cesspool for once.

  • Cynthia T
    Cynthia T  12 hours ago

    I was disappointed that Sandra Bullock's character didn't name Girl one of those Disney princess names that her mom was talking about. Made that whole scene where they were talking about their future babies have no value later on.. Should've named the girl Ella despite how basic her mom was as a person.

  • Desmond Belle
    Desmond Belle  13 hours ago

    I really enjoyed Bird box, I thought it was good, but the book was 10 times even better, matter fact if it was just like the book it would have explained a lot more of what was going on....plus a lot of the characters were opposite than they were in the movie

  • Galaxy Fraulein ジ 3:33

    So, it's like a movie version of the Local 58 creepypasta.

  • Brian Taylor
    Brian Taylor  15 hours ago

    2:27 The Don't Lookers = Atheists.....The Lookers = The Religious

  • Hei Wa Wong
    Hei Wa Wong  15 hours ago

    Will you talk about Aquaman?