Finding Something Unexpected in an Abandoned Copper Mine

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  • Published on:  Thursday, November 10, 2016
  • What an unexpected discovery! Paul and I never imagined finding what we found deep in this abandoned copper mine in Arizona. The Warren-Bisbee Mine's obscure entrance was basically a rabbit hole and didn't look too promising. However, once we gained entry by sliding in on our backs, the tunnels opened up and were surprisingly extensive. One tunnel led us deep into the mine to an inner area where we found -- something. Something impressive. Something rare that I've only seen a few times in abandoned mines over the last seven years or so. And it's all here in this video. Enjoy!

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    View and use the information in my videos at your own risk. All abandoned mines (especially the ones in my videos) are very dangerous and should not be entered under any circumstances. No potentially life-threatening, dangerous, or legal decisions and assumptions should be made based on information in my videos.



  • Milanesa-chan!
    Milanesa-chan!  2 years ago +4523

    I don't really understand why people dislike, this is a really awesome discovery, I mean, think all the years of work that might've took, and the history that all of it enclosures, surely cool.

  • Enderguin58 The youtuber

    i want to pet a bat.

  • Bradley Smith
    Bradley Smith  2 days ago

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  • Manny Alcaraz
    Manny Alcaraz  3 days ago

    Wow! Cool! 12:49...there's a huge orb in the picture! I hear those orbs are spirits of dead people who stick around to help. I visited a cousin in L.A. recently, and took a photo of him. The film caught an orb right by his head. I recall going to his father's funeral when we were boys, and since then I wondered how we never got any tragic news concerning him due to his gang affiliation.

  • 327h
    327h  3 days ago

    And how much is copper?

  • Blueaqualizard's Random Stuff

    That bat was cute

  • Linda T
    Linda T  4 days ago +1

    Really dumb thing to do, if the props have gone you should steer clear, Coming from Cornwall, where our landscape is dotted with mines, and a place that's been mining for four thousand years. I say this out of concern! Really not a good idea. We've all grown up down here with full knowledge of how dangerous mines are! There are that many mines in Cornwall, they don't even know where they all are! Well until a new shaft opens up in someones garden or along the cliff tops or a stope. The problem is some go back hundreds of years, so have been forgotten about through time. And hence have not been caped..

  • Just Me
    Just Me  5 days ago

    Super cool! Did you need any type of air?

  • dudekful
    dudekful  5 days ago

    Bisbee, do miss you

  • Joe Garcia
    Joe Garcia  7 days ago

    Did you see that Orb in 1240 & 1247 on those photos?

  • Mickey4700
    Mickey4700  7 days ago

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  • Tired Bro
    Tired Bro  7 days ago +1

    gettin payed to explore dangerous areas, im curious. if in a crisis where the tunnel collapses, do you happen to have a plan for such an emergency? i mean id imagine you have a partner waiting for you at the entrance with a nice strong radio.

  • Patricia Crowell
    Patricia Crowell  7 days ago +2

    Very impressive. My uncle and grandfather worked in mines but not copper, PA anthracite coal. Glad I found your film.

  • landmark
    landmark  7 days ago

    How can you guys excuse the thought of being buried alive

  • Julie Schuenemann

    That is cool

  • DoYouWantsomesugawithyourtae?

    nice shaders btw first time?

  • Random Me
    Random Me  7 days ago

    I don't want to spoil the surprise, but, I really enjoyed the time the workers put into that little area in the mine.

  • Heather Weisenfels
    Heather Weisenfels  14 days ago +2

    Oh wow! You can see some turquoise veins in there. I would be so tempted to collect chunks of turquoise. Lol. Wonder if the mine is for sale. Hummm

    Thanks for sharing this with us.

  • AndyR.
    AndyR.  14 days ago +1

    I like your 'explore style' and commentary.. thumbs up for this one!

  • Maritza Vasques
    Maritza Vasques  14 days ago +1

    Wow, I love the extra information you put in text in some parts of the video. Not everybody does like this with their videos.