Finding Something Unexpected in an Abandoned Copper Mine

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  • Published on:  Thursday, November 10, 2016
  • What an unexpected discovery! Paul and I never imagined finding what we found deep in this abandoned copper mine in Arizona. The Warren-Bisbee Mine's obscure entrance was basically a rabbit hole and didn't look too promising. However, once we gained entry by sliding in on our backs, the tunnels opened up and were surprisingly extensive. One tunnel led us deep into the mine to an inner area where we found -- something. Something impressive. Something rare that I've only seen a few times in abandoned mines over the last seven years or so. And it's all here in this video. Enjoy!

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    View and use the information in my videos at your own risk. All abandoned mines (especially the ones in my videos) are very dangerous and should not be entered under any circumstances. No potentially life-threatening, dangerous, or legal decisions and assumptions should be made based on information in my videos.



  • Milanesa-chan!
    Milanesa-chan!  3 years ago +4669

    I don't really understand why people dislike, this is a really awesome discovery, I mean, think all the years of work that might've took, and the history that all of it enclosures, surely cool.

  • Pitt Viper
    Pitt Viper  2 days ago

    How dare you enter the grinch's lair!!

  • Christian Weissmuller

    And then we found 3 diamonds and made a proper pickaxe XD

  • k i n g B A B Y
    k i n g B A B Y  5 days ago

    You guys ever run into an Slee-stax down there?

  • Michael Pugh
    Michael Pugh  5 days ago +1

    Cool old mine. Like seeing them.

  • Shannon Lee
    Shannon Lee  5 days ago

    Thanks that was so cool

  • ImACoolGuyToo YES
    ImACoolGuyToo YES  5 days ago +1

    Is this the cave update?

  • JohnandEve Foster
    JohnandEve Foster  5 days ago +1

    I wish i could smell it... such a neat smell the earth has... when your walking thru things like this, you cant help but feel special, so few people ever have been there... such a sense of peace in places like this ... i hope i get to do stuff like this again.. haven't done anything like this in decades

  • Marcus Maximus
    Marcus Maximus  5 days ago +1

    So when do you move in?

  • The Deja Vu Artist
    The Deja Vu Artist  6 days ago +1

    The rocks were definitely a beautiful blue in some areas. Especially the entrqnce definitely had copper traces. I would have collected some.

  • Austin Harding
    Austin Harding  6 days ago +1

    i LOVE Spelunking!


    Subbed get me back please

  • Ennis McCaffrey
    Ennis McCaffrey  7 days ago +1

    Really interesting, thank you for making this video. Keep safe!

  • MPGunther1
    MPGunther1  7 days ago

    Not for the faint-of-heart

  • Marlboro Reds 25's

    Kids that are watching, pls for the love of God, do not attempt to go down these old abandoned mines. An if something inside that crazy brain you have tinkering on top of your shoulders will not settle for less, please make sure there is a couple of you that go an be sure to stay in pairs. These mines have been abandoned for decades and clearly the top is not stable. All it could take is just a slight bump against a rock or timber and the top cave in on you. Just stay out of them!

  • Krops23
    Krops23  7 days ago

    Yeah, no.

  • jennifer neal
    jennifer neal  7 days ago +8

    ready to crawl through this sketchy part of the mine with us....
    me: Hell no, thats why im watching from a safe distance.

  • John A
    John A  7 days ago +1

    he sounds like Clint Eastwood


    CHOPPERGIRL's AIRWAR  7 days ago +1

    It boggles the mind how desperate people must of been at one time to eek out a living in this god forsaken country. Consider the time these explorers in the video spent in the mine exploring, and they didn't do a single bit of work or move any rocks whatsoever, or hollow out any more space even at the entrance to get in. So imagine the amount of work involved to hollow out this space, a small rock at a time, banging at the wall with a pick axe and moving this heavy ass falling debris with shovels and just your hands in gloves. Maybe you had a wore out wheelbarrow, or cart, or buckets. You were probably alone. All for copper... which is worth... well... pennies.