George RR Martin on Why He Kills Characters

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  • Published on:  Sunday, July 15, 2018
  • George RR Martin on Robert's Rebellion Prequel: RR Martin Books: Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones Author George R. R. Martin Interview on why he kills characters


  • Eddie Lehman  2 months ago

    The death of Boromir in LotR inspired George at a formative age, so much so that he had to grow up and also kill Sean Bean.

  • David William  19 days ago

    How ironic

  • Ayoub Merabet  21 days ago


  • Andrew Au  3 months ago

    I fully believe that when i die i will hear George’s laugh.

  • ALEXANDER THOMPSON  1 months ago

    @Morbidumbra for some reason I read your entire comment in the hounds voice, and it fit perfectly

  • Sunrise Alex  2 months ago

    What if George is the master of death in afterlife? :P

  • Aishwarya P  2 months ago

    "I want to treat war honestly"D&D disappointed GRRM in season 8 🙄

  • Viz  1 months ago

    @Anonymous baaaad pooooseyyy

  • Ville Kainu  1 months ago

    @Xy where did I characterise Benioff and Weiss? Saying they can't pull it off just means they don't have the skills that the task requires, saying they don't care is a characterisation of an attitude they have adopted, not of them as people. Now, I'm all for saying ASIOAF is one of the finest fantasy *trilogies* ever written, because George will not finish TWOW and the first 3 books at least tell *a* story arc.So B&W don't have the skill to put out TV drama that's on level with some of the finest wri...

  • Andre Benacchio  3 months ago

    He is right... The death of Ned Stark is what made his fortune

  • Ceiling Cat9001  2 months ago

    Ramsey is pretty misunderstood.. that kind young man had it awful!

  • Carlos d  2 months ago

    The first time I watched it I thought someone was going to save him like typical Disney story line, where the hero faces great danger and someone saves him right before the moment he is going to be killed, but oh boy I was wrong,that certainly didn’t happen and that’s what hooked me with Game of Thrones, that’s what made the series great, the uncertainty of the survival and sanity of your favorite characters.

  • OGSankai  2 months ago

    Last episode was basically what he critizises other fantasies for...

  • D BongLord  25 days ago

    @reiko na6ase stupid mothafaka

  • Ishmael Forester  1 months ago

    @DubFanLatino I liked her scene with the Hound then surviving Drogon and riding away on a white horse.

  • d1st94  2 months ago

    Poor George. After yesterdays episode he must be rolling in his bed...

  • Shocked Chaika  2 months ago

    Actually I think George genuinely loves season 8.Because that season fucking murdered the whole TV show.

  • NF  2 months ago

    'rolling in his bed' this made me laugh so hard bro

  • FTL radiation  3 months ago

    don't get on a roller coaster designed by George RR Martin

  • David William  19 days ago


  • TragicLight  2 months ago

    Marlboro Hunnids or one designed by Kevin

  • Alphomega  2 months ago

    He hates plot armour - he must've hated the most recent episode at Winterfell then

  • he no doubt despises Rey

  • Ricardo alves  28 days ago

    zain Cersei - everyone wanted her dead Jaime -They ruined his character "TBH I never really cared about the innocent" The hound and the mountain fight was for fan service. Varys - Didn't really do anything, what did he die for? He wrote letters but they didn't acomplish anything, death is supposed to be a consequence of an act, but while he did betray Daenerys it didn't acomplish anything, but this is the least bad of the ones you mentionedInnocent - They are not important to the plot s...

  • Matthew Peterson  3 months ago

    I remember when a friend was reading the books for the first time. He said right when starting the first book: "I don't know why but I am sure Eddard Stark will be king." If that is not innocence in its fullest I don't know what that is.

  • Dutyxion  1 months ago

    Matthew Peterson that’s how mostly everyone was when they started game of thrones

  • juice31308  2 months ago

    @A.C.C. ajs

  • Tyrone Stevens  2 months ago

    D&D took GRRMs philosophy a step further and killed the series

  • Bizzy Slivovitz  27 days ago

    George is going to be like Bette Midler in the movie "Ruthless People" when they imprison her and she loses 20 pounds. He is going to walk around Dubrovnik behind D&D while the fans yell, "Shame, shame," and then after doing this every day, say, "Hey, humiliation made me lose 20 pounds!" Because all his characters have to go through the wringer: Tyrion, Brienne, Jaime once he gets his sword-hand cut off, Sansa, Jon being brought up told a bastard is born of lust and is ...

  • Nizzle Prizzle  1 months ago

    They did the opposite and killed it anyways...