How Inside Edition Helped Catch These ‘Smash and Grab’ Thieves

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, September 12, 2018
  • So-called smash and grab burglars, who break car windows and take anything left inside, are a nationwide problem. To get a closer look at these wrongdoers, Inside Edition hid a GPS tracking device inside a speaker and a designer purse, and left them in plain view in a car in San Francisco. It didn’t take long before two people broke the car’s back window and took the goods, in broad daylight. Then it was time to activate the GPS units and see where the stolen items were headed.


  • Doe J
    Doe J  20 minutes ago


  • corleaano
    corleaano  an hour ago

    "I'm just going to call my mother" HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA little wanksta

  • A-LIFT
    A-LIFT  an hour ago

    The thieves should have been shot

  • A-LIFT
    A-LIFT  an hour ago +1

    Why the hell they didn’t get arrested?

  • Pine Lane
    Pine Lane  3 hours ago

    This woman is going to get her teeth knocked out. Stupid.

  • JeffTheTommyActBoy do

    Why didn’t u tell the police ;(

  • alexkg1
    alexkg1  5 hours ago

    Maybe it would be a smart idea to have the police with you before doing a segment like this? Running up to and confronting thieves is not the safest, nor smartest thing to do

  • Kimber Gasca
    Kimber Gasca  6 hours ago

    5 million people

  • The Spiciest
    The Spiciest  6 hours ago

    Course they a bunch of *N I* 🅱️🅱️ *A S*

  • AdisPlays
    AdisPlays  7 hours ago

    3:19 karma is a b!tch 😂 So Inside Edition went there to make a video about people breaking Into cars and then they leave expensive equipment inside there own car, Smart 😂

  • Squid
    Squid  8 hours ago

    Bip City

  • Plush Gamer
    Plush Gamer  8 hours ago

    5 million people will see this
    1.5 million views

    IT CHUPUN  9 hours ago

    Smart plan

    IT CHUPUN  9 hours ago

    Smart plan

  • Edward Nygma
    Edward Nygma  9 hours ago

    4 young women from Sweden had their luggage, laptops, and camera equipment stolen parking their rental car in the Tenderloin. The crazy thing car burglaries, muggings, phone thefts, laptop thefts happen all the time (I witnessed several of them living in San Francisco). I think Democratic policy played a role sweeping the Middle class out of San Francisco feeding criminal elements through pockets of the city.
    If that guy that broke into Lisa's car ran into an armed civilian, OH BOY!!!!!

  • tenzin ngawang
    tenzin ngawang  9 hours ago

    who played the game now, lol

  • alitlweird
    alitlweird  9 hours ago


  • alitlweird
    alitlweird  9 hours ago +1

    Should rig the car with explosives.

  • Caleb Cabz
    Caleb Cabz  10 hours ago

    Do that smash and grab,diggy do that smash and grab😋😋🤣🤣😂🤣🤣😂

  • pnisflytrap
    pnisflytrap  10 hours ago

    Well good thing they're just as actors thank God