Carey Price Late Game Unbelievable Saves

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  • Published on:  Sunday, December 9, 2018
  • Hi guys! I'm back with another video and today we will be looking at some of the best late game saves from Carey Price to keep the Canadiens in the game or with a close lead. He is my favourite NHL goalie and in these clips I'll be showing his incredible hand eye coordination to always track down the puck. Most if not all of these clips are screamers so don't forget to drop a like and subscribe to stay updated with all of new content!
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  • Jay Rousseau
    Jay Rousseau  3 days ago +2

    Carey Price verry good goolaeur

  • Tโ€™ES QUI CONARD ??
    T’ES QUI CONARD ??  7 days ago +1

    Im back ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  • Did you just Assume My Gender

    Why does Carey try so hard?.. He's not gonna win a cup.

  • LarsErikson 39
    LarsErikson 39  21 days ago +7

    2:48 Doughty thinking about all the dinners he owes Pricer

  • J. Sam
    J. Sam  a months ago +1

    The price is nice

  • TheNorma
    TheNorma  a months ago +1

    Great video!! Check out my channel too.

  • Gamer 29YT
    Gamer 29YT  a months ago +1

    Omg Carey Price is so good wow! :) nice vid by the way

  • Justin Goetz
    Justin Goetz  a months ago +15

    I love the commentator when he says โ€œOh my stars, what a save by Carey Price!โ€

  • tropheus guy
    tropheus guy  a months ago +1

    most overrated athlete in the world

  • Alex Huynh
    Alex Huynh  a months ago +4

    Carey Carries โ€œle club de Montrealโ€ to la coupe.

  • Sheazy
    Sheazy  a months ago +1

    Before it was fun to watch price but now....

  • Daniel Tyutin
    Daniel Tyutin  a months ago +2

    You should have a as much subscribers as the views

  • coady beastly
    coady beastly  2 months ago +1

    and this ladies and gentlemen is the reason Carey Price is voted by NHLPA as the best goaltender in the game. everyone else's opinion doesn't matter.

  • OAAABJ#79
    OAAABJ#79  2 months ago +2

    Thanks soooo much for this

  • sam crowe
    sam crowe  2 months ago +2

    Price is just to good, no puck going behind him

  • Devon Lethbridge
    Devon Lethbridge  3 months ago +2

    I have Carey's game used stick from the first clip vs Buffalo! Signed too :)

  • JustARegularSaje
    JustARegularSaje  4 months ago +1

    O H M Y S T A R S

  • R McLennan
    R McLennan  4 months ago +1

    GREAT YOUNG TEAM CAREY. GO HABS 2019. cut all angles , passing lanes ,own puck, never down never out , get puck out, up, put the pass there for it's coming back for a score!! Surgeons on the boards.

  • Daniel Tyutin
    Daniel Tyutin  5 months ago +1

    WOW 100K VIEWS

  • Roxanne Dyrland
    Roxanne Dyrland  5 months ago +4

    Original 6 teams Chicago
    Montreal Toronto Boston Detroit New York rangers