The Fox River Grove Incident 23 years later

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  • Published on:  Thursday, October 25, 2018
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    I didn't get to start work on this one last year but after 5 days of work here it is now finally finished. Another one that was requested. On October 25th 1995 school bus 103 was struck by Metra train 624 bound for Chicago. As we revisit that fateful day we uncover some disturbing facts like a green traffic light that was never seen or a nurse for the dying trying to save a boy that dies in his arms. I am changing the style of these documentaries to look more professional in the future and this one has 0 music from Thomas and friends or any other source people cried about (Although I may use them again in the future) Enjoy and do not expect videos around Thanksgiving due to Sunday after and family.
    Personally the credits scene was one of my favorite parts of this documentary. Special thanks to Coasterfan2105 for his incredible videography of those Metra trains. You rock! I recommend you subscribe to him for more awesome videos too


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    Before Y'all ask again I've set up my next documentary. It will be the 1994 Cajon pass runaway coming December 14th 2018. I won't have time to work on more in late November so the next one is indeed the 1994 crash. the 1996 runaway is also up in the list. Keep an eye on Patreon for updates as I'll release when I start on them publically on Patreon, You will have to buy a preminum level tier for periodic updates unless you just go by the post dates and not their contents

  • Christopher Rodmell
    Christopher Rodmell  14 hours ago

    Well I hope that road was closed off and all trains going down those tracks were delayed completely so that they were to redesign and rebuild that crossing,

  • Scott Johnson
    Scott Johnson  yesterday

    Lots of armchair bus drivers on here. The fact is, none of us know how we would have handled this. The driver thought she was clear of the tracks. The poor design of the intersection created this situation. Residents had been complaining to local authorities about this for a long time, they were very concerned that something like this was going to happen. Their fears turned out to be well founded. The authorities knew about it for a long time yet did nothing. Blaming the bus driver is wrong.

  • Kristine Dubielak

    How is the engineer doing

  • L Duke
    L Duke  yesterday

    The insistent happening a month before toy story was finished

  • Maegan Nope
    Maegan Nope  2 days ago

    our bus route is 5 minutes longer because they take the long way to avoid going over the train tracks & i was wondering why ,,guess i found out why

  • karyn ray
    karyn ray  2 days ago

    Who cares about a red light when you have a train coming. Bus driver at fault

  • Ian Broughton
    Ian Broughton  2 days ago

    I live by fox river grove

  • Donkey
    Donkey  2 days ago

    My bus goes over 4 railroad tracks in 1 route and my driver does not stop fully at the crossings

  • Nate Trippa
    Nate Trippa  2 days ago

    How are you confused by all the screaming you don’t hear the train horn just fuckin hit the gas can’t believe that drivers negligence

  • Eighth Wonder
    Eighth Wonder  2 days ago

    What a stupid fucking intersection design.

  • Jade Lillie
    Jade Lillie  3 days ago

    So sad 😭

  • X class laxxz
    X class laxxz  3 days ago

    This makes me glad I didn’t take the bus when I was a kid

  • Maggie loves JoJo Siwa

    The memorials make me happy 😊🥺

  • Maggie loves JoJo Siwa

    This is so sad🥺🥺🥺 absolutely horrible that this happened my dad lives right bye a train track we wer driving past it and half our car was on the tracks when the lights started going on that on the lights go 5 seasons before the crossing gate goes down so luckily my dad sped up and barely got us out of there that was the scaresst moment of my life this is hard to think about 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺

  • MountMan980
    MountMan980  3 days ago

    Jakayla. Mount

  • Rrnj Ghh
    Rrnj Ghh  3 days ago

    It sad did the all the kid died

  • Plunger Bo8
    Plunger Bo8  3 days ago

    This is 95 percent the bus drivers fault... none of this is the engineer's fault

  • Rafa Vasquez
    Rafa Vasquez  4 days ago +1

    What's your problem bus drive they died they were to young 😭

  • Joe Cowan
    Joe Cowan  4 days ago

    The stupid cow of a bus driver killed those kids. Let's hope you're rotting in hell now