Confronting David about his dark past

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, December 11, 2018
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  • Pramod V
    Pramod V  8 months ago +1212

    Ok why is Jason always funnier in other people’s vlog than his own?

  • Zane Hijazi
    Zane Hijazi  8 months ago +3686

    it makes me happy that you guys get to watch this house completely transform with me. Can't wait till it's done so we can all be together again hahaha all because of you guys thank you <3

  • Alondra
    Alondra  8 months ago +2177

    You’re always going through a hard time.... okay same

  • Allie Robins
    Allie Robins  8 months ago +1653

    Hey. I missed your old intro from you 100th video, so I screen recorded and pulled it all together again (since it was stolen). I put a white screen over the numbers so you can add the numbers. just till you can make a new intro. (if you see this or even want it i just wanted to get it to you)

  • Brisly Monroy
    Brisly Monroy  8 months ago +3228

    We do miss scott on the vlogs lmaoo

  • Jeff Wittek
    Jeff Wittek  8 months ago +1060


  • Mitchell Law
    Mitchell Law  8 months ago +745

    You should use the Vlogue scene as your intro! Make it worth your money cause it was iconic. :)

  • Talveen G.
    Talveen G.  8 months ago +801

    Todd: “Guys, look. I’m going through a tough time”
    Zane: “You’re always going through a tough time.” (OK RELATABLE)
    Scott: “He’s been going through a tough time since he was 16. Ever since he first developed hormones. Ever since he developed tHe UrGeS”
    I love this trio 😂😂😂❤️

  • jocelyn juarez
    jocelyn juarez  8 months ago +696

    “Jason really misses me, and wants to live with me again.”
    Jason: “I’ve never lived with you” 😂💀 got me dying

  • Adrienne Riva
    Adrienne Riva  8 months ago +531

    Scott’s leg has been broken as long as Colleen has been pregnant.

  • Melissa Peterson
    Melissa Peterson  8 months ago +236

    "I said it sounded fun but I never said I wanted to go" Zane I can relate to that lol.

  • Sam Holland
    Sam Holland  8 months ago +569

    When do I get to apply into their friend group? I’ll let David torture me if that means he’ll buy me a car.

  • D.W.
    D.W.  8 months ago +530

    wow i feel bad for david, no one came thru to celebrate his 10 M; he was expecting something huge :'(

  • Brisly Monroy
    Brisly Monroy  8 months ago +724

    The whole time jason was talking in the car .. i was waiting for David to turn the music up 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • aracelli marin
    aracelli marin  8 months ago +257

    Low key Matt looks like he could be Jason’s son.

  • Z E L
    Z E L  8 months ago +276

    david dobrik’s dark past? hmm..i’m hooked, go on sis

  • Brisly Monroy
    Brisly Monroy  8 months ago +486

    Matt & Zane in a vlogg is MY MF LIFEE

  • Brandy Howard
    Brandy Howard  8 months ago +166

    Zane stop wearing hats and your hairline won’t keep receding

  • Q Cabarubias
    Q Cabarubias  8 months ago +368

    Have a desk here with no glass..

  • Brisly Monroy
    Brisly Monroy  8 months ago +408

    Dammm zane looking mighty good 😍😍😍