Taking a Dare Too Far

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  • Published on:  Friday, May 11, 2018
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  • Wired Coffee  1 years ago

    Dare me to hit that like button?

  • Fortnite Friday  11 months ago

    Wired Coffee yes

  • Amazing Marc  1 years ago

    Alex Polusyan I dare you to fix your grammar

  • I dare you to post longer videos

  • I dare you to get demonitized.

  • Pepindie gaming  1 years ago

    I dare you to post a video longer than 2 minutes

  • No Name  1 years ago

    He did it

  • [blank]  1 years ago

    thats to far

  • Vrisha S  1 years ago

    I dare you to make better content bet you can’t

  • y  1 years ago

    tony charles let's go

  • tony charles  1 years ago

    Johnny Sins I ll gurgle it

  • Deluxe Diet Coke  1 years ago

    First he leaves smosh then he leaves his body? Oh you anthony!

  • JamaicanRain  1 years ago

    You know what? I don't know. I think it might mean he's less bitter now and accepting? Or maybe it was an accident, lol. I honestly don't know!!

  • Deluxe Diet Coke  1 years ago

    JamaicanRain is that good or?

  • Simplyhyesu  1 years ago

    I dare you to read a dirty fanfic about you 😂

  • ZShaun  1 years ago

    I dee double triple dare you to dare me to dare you to dare me to dare you to dare...

  • FamousFuture  1 years ago

    Zshaun what if you don't do the dare

  • Sherry Madagan  1 years ago

    Dare me to tumble into a pit of crippling depression? Wait... I’m already there-

  • Jezreel Phil  1 years ago

    Anthony was definetely the cool kid in school