Apartment Tour! : Dolan Twins

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, March 30, 2016
  • A bunch of us tour you around our apartment :)

    Last Week's Video - https://fapgem.com/video/tuk06KiXnrU/video.html

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  • Eileen Barraza
    Eileen Barraza  7 days ago

    Who else is here at the end of 2019🤧

  • Reece Elgin
    Reece Elgin  7 days ago

    I love that you guys did an apartment tour by made it fun and not just like all the other apartment/house tours. It was actually fun to watch, best apartment tour.

  • Omneya Adel
    Omneya Adel  14 days ago

    The point of the video is just to drive u nuts and think that I gone insane love u guys

  • OhRlyNao
    OhRlyNao  21 days ago

    why can I picture this video with the cast of osomatsu?

  • Popular Saku
    Popular Saku  21 days ago

    why is it on fish eye mode

  • Ariana Ortiz
    Ariana Ortiz  21 days ago

    This is such a cool and creative way to film i loved it!

  • Rabbiyatul Nazli
    Rabbiyatul Nazli  a months ago


  • Elise Doman
    Elise Doman  a months ago

    Omg they are so young, they are both so cute but Ethan like damn😻😻

  • lahny's life
    lahny's life  a months ago +1

    This is clearly when the twins loved transitions😂

  • Drawped Ma crushsawnt


  • Dale Love
    Dale Love  a months ago

    what the fuck is happening in this video

  • JackyrCheese Peeza
    JackyrCheese Peeza  2 months ago

    The Dolan Fetuses

  • or eo
    or eo  2 months ago +1

    This is the most extra apartment tour i have ever witnessed and you guys rock it

  • grantfilmz
    grantfilmz  2 months ago

    anyone here after the video talking about the change they’re making 🥺

  • aliciaistrash
    aliciaistrash  2 months ago

    Bet this was hard af to edit

  • kyaraliz yurp
    kyaraliz yurp  2 months ago

    Caleb finn who😂

  • jna moon
    jna moon  2 months ago

    Love the socks 😂😂

  • luisa bundy
    luisa bundy  2 months ago

    Great job on this!

  • abby slack
    abby slack  2 months ago +2

    2019 recommended? lol

  • Guanlinismine Lai
    Guanlinismine Lai  2 months ago

    Boy roomtour is like 1 minute