Watch all 49 Alex Ovechkin goals from 2017-18 season

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, April 18, 2018
  • We've compiled every single goal scored by Washington Capitals forward Alexander Ovechkin for the 2017-18 regular season.


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  • annoying baby
    annoying baby  7 months ago

    He fires, He SCORES

  • cheetar
    cheetar  8 months ago

    this pov sucks

  • RISSSD17
    RISSSD17  10 months ago


  •  11 months ago

    i would have waited and then when they won the cup would have put it in..

  • Xmgeoxm TOMS
    Xmgeoxm TOMS  a years ago

    We all know we want to skip dinner to watch this

  • Yo c’est WILL
    Yo c’est WILL  a years ago


  • Yo c’est WILL
    Yo c’est WILL  a years ago


  • Yo c’est WILL
    Yo c’est WILL  a years ago


  • Yo c’est WILL
    Yo c’est WILL  a years ago


  • Christian Giles
    Christian Giles  a years ago

    Too bad he can’t pass or play defense, but other than that nice montage

  • AD L
    AD L  a years ago

    still just surprised howin some of these, there's no opposing players within 10 feet of him. How do you let the greatest player of all time get that wide open?

  • J James
    J James  a years ago +2

    Legendary shot. Truly a work of art. This guys stat sheet is a thing of beauty as well, and a cup to top it off. GOAT.

  • Peter Brown
    Peter Brown  a years ago

    Just look at goal #23. That’s why ovi is the best shooter in the league, maybe all time

  • Taylor Grimsdottir-Jackson

    He's going to score over 750 goals by the time he retires.

  • Derek Wilson
    Derek Wilson  a years ago

    The first 3 goals are a nice reminder of how useless of a player Cody Ceci is.

    Edit: #13 too lmao

  • Blockchain Millionaire

    The close-up camera angles are annoying as hell.

  • bbmtge
    bbmtge  a years ago

    What's so entertainingly ignorant with regard to the fools who actually whine about from where a goal is scored is that Ovi is often in his position as winger when he scores. Malkin says you can't even see the puck as it's going so fast. the video shows...Ovi creates, deflects, name it.
    We've watched him mature and alter his game as needed. He actually scores less due to the change in the
    Caps style over the last few years. Dislike him if you want; it's your loss.

  • September2004
    September2004  a years ago

    Damn, if he only had one more goal, he would have 8 50-goal seasons and would challenge Gretzky and Bossy's record of 9.

  • Ana Bona
    Ana Bona  a years ago

    4:00 goal is awesome.

  • FanatdeVigor
    FanatdeVigor  a years ago

    720p, a u serious???