Ovechkin scores hat trick against Canadiens, his second of season

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  • Published on:  Saturday, October 7, 2017
  • Watch as Washington Capitals’ forward Alexander Ovechkin scores his second hat trick of the season, against the Montreal Canadiens. Carey Price has now given up four goals in the first period.


  • Connor McMatthews  1 years ago

    Imagine how elite you gotta be that when you have a 33-goal season people talkshit about you

  • Roman Borris  11 days ago

    jaja that’s exactly what happened lol he’s scored over 60 before. Glad that talk of no cup is over now.

  • jaja  1 years ago

    Connor McMatthews Ovie could have a 60 goal season but if he doesnt win the cup people will bash him

  • Kbholla  1 years ago

    6 goals in two periods.

  • Damn Ovi, I only have so much space on my hard drive.

  • Luca Brasi  7 months ago

    I only have so much space on my hard drive? I dont understand.

  • Ondra Chrenovsky  1 years ago

    Every Ovechkin Goal hj

  • Timmy Tom  1 years ago

    7 goals in 2 games.... Holy smokes that's insane. Ovi proving the haters wrong yet again! Greatest goal scorer ever! Go CAps!

  • Trey  11 months ago

    Jalen Brito goals per game, its a stat, look it up. Plus this era is much harder, ovi is best pure goal scorer to ever lace the skates, period.

  • Dimitros  1 years ago

    "Past his prime" "Slowing down" "Not top ten in the nhl" the list goes on. This dude is shutting people up left and right, seven goals in two games

  • Potty The Parrot  10 months ago

    Now he officially shut everyone up

  • jaja  1 years ago

    He was ranked like 25-30 best in the league by sportsnet and picked something like 20th overall on avarage in fantasy hockey. I rank him 3rd best and picked him 1st overall and I think I was right🔥

  • Mr500248  1 years ago

    Greatness of alex ovechkin. Back to back hat tricks to open a season. Last time that happend was 99 years ago loool.

  • McMan 1717  1 years ago

    When you play Be a Pro on easy. Lol

  • TragiiC BLaDe  1 years ago


  • 2 hat tricks in 2 games right? and each one came in the same period? that has to be some sort of record right? either way that is impressive.

  • Luke Feuda  1 years ago

    One 7 Decimal 2 Eight i

  • Sudesh vaid  1 years ago

    One 7 Decimal 2 Eight 😍😍

  • The Black Reaper  1 years ago

    Good old CCM Ovechkin!

  • Mitchell Roberts  1 years ago


  • jaja  1 years ago

    Equinox THIS is exactly what I thought! Hated that he switched to bauer and the sticks didnt seem good for him and now with CCM he is once again on fire. Idk if stick brand matters at all but I find it funny

  • FlexEnvy32  1 years ago

    Everyone said he's on the decline after a year he didn't get 40 goals... back to back hattys in 2 periods. Stupid people man.

  • RhyperiorSuperior  1 years ago

    Connor ThiccDavid lol it's funny how Ovi is considered "declining" after a *33 goal season* at age 31 that's absolutely nothing but elite. The guy's actually never scored *less than 30* ever in a single season, even the lockout year he scored 30 plus. Don't use PPG as a stat that's a stat meant for injury prone weaklings like Crosby who excel at small sample size statistics, it's the subtotal of points that matters and is what *really* gets players into the HOF not PPG lol. Ovi doesn't *EVER*...

  • Mr500248  1 years ago

    Lobby 91 he's going to have another 50 goal season.