Seattle is Dying

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, March 19, 2019
  • KOMO's Eric Johnson explores the impact the drug and homelessness problem is having on our city and possible solutions in "Seattle is Dying."Read more or watch at


  • Scott Cooper  2 months ago

    America is dying. Not just Seattle.

  • @Tighe M Spitting a vibe or giving an opinion with no facts to back it up? Which is it Gringo???

  • @Tighe M Sounds like your in denial. Yet another thing you white western atheist gringos and your west christian counterparts have in common.

  • Frank Grimes  2 days ago

    At least they're cracking down on jaywalkers and handing out parking tickets.

  • Steven Penny  yesterday

    Get groups of 50 people to use the “facilities” in front of the council members homes on a daily basis....I think something will change quickly. 🤔 😄

  • Peyton Bell  46 minutes ago

    😂😂😂 think you may be on to something sir

  • Well I guess the Maytag repair of the 1970's is the Seattle policemen of the 2,000's

  • Haole Longpig  19 hours ago

    "How did the word 'compassion' get twisted into this sick reality?" DAMN WELL PUT, SIR! Great report.

  • Trenton M  2 months ago

    Seattle; where plastic straws are banned but not needles

  • Buz Off  an hour ago

    @Maria Lelekis re: which comment?

  • White Devil  19 hours ago

    @Fire Up The Lancasters Maybe if it weren't for fucking junkies the city would be clean again.

  • Patty Greer  8 days ago

    This was a breathtaking video & a rude awakening!

  • Aaron Giebel  14 hours ago

    @@Alyssa Rose *dislike*

  • Alyssa Rose  yesterday

    Holy Acid for libtards, dems, antifa, & sjw What about Georgia and the heroin triangle? What about West Virginia and Arkansas leading the country in drug overdose deaths? What about South Dakota, Wyoming, South Carolina, North Dakota, and Mississippi having the most drug-related arrests in the country? All Republican states. You need to educate yourself on the actual current rates of addiction and homelessness across the states instead of just spewing your bias opinion against the Democratic Party....

  • Nabil !!  7 days ago

    If Seattle is dying, Los Angeles is dead.We live in Honduras down here.

  • Agustin DeJesus  14 hours ago

    Nabil !! .....nabil must people in honduras are poor......but they live better, a lot better than what you see in these videos.

  • Loyal11475  23 hours ago

    This is what Democrats Vote for in their Liberal Utopias, I’m enjoying the show! I’m starting to think that Liberals and I use that term broadly know no limits.

  • Benjamin Crom  9 days ago

    Incredible documentary. Thank you for sharing.

  • incredible propaganda you mean ! tell them to do one on maine and west virginia next or the whole of middle america where right wing women are drinking themselves to death and the men are all methed out !

  • Giselle Torres  5 days ago

    Benjamin Crom yeah but it made Seattle look horrible which is not!

  • Joseph Ross  6 days ago

    Been there. Lived there for 2 yrs. It can't die soon enough.