How to make a Club Banger! ("Get Introverted" MV)

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  • Published on:  Saturday, April 13, 2019
  • Last time I was in LA, David and I made a Mumble Rap song in a day. Today, we attempted a "Club Banger"? Not sure if we're gonna continue doing these, but if you wanna see something else, let us know in the comments!

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  • Marlo's Mediocre Life  (Apr 13, 2019)

    Ryan is the only youtuber thats stayed golden for over 10 years

  • Oscar Pelaez  (6 hours ago)

    What about smosh

  • That KPOP Freak Lol  (16 hours ago)

    And Superwoman

  • R. E. Durbin  (6 days ago)

    I like, but...where's BgA??? I miss my Boys generally Asian. I needs to know how the band is doing. Pleeeeease, new BgA song?

  • Dragunnitum  (3 hours ago)

    they explained it in their podcast, it's hard and expensive to make those BgA vids

  • LENEX - All Rounder  (21 hours ago)


  • David Choi  (Apr 14, 2019)

    INTJ's unite!

  • Electron gamer  (16 hours ago)

    +schmoyoho imma fan

  • Yeet INFP partaaay! I brought some fantasy novels so y'all know it's about to get real wild up in here ;)

  • Stef M  (Apr 13, 2019)

    Whisper-rap should be an ASMR category 😂

  • Krimson  (16 hours ago)

    Don't give them ideas

  • Sum Milk 420  (2 days ago)

    Dcoth is don’t come out the house

  • kiki 01  (5 days ago)

    The most underrated artist ever. Love this 💜

  • +Usuario sin massuch beautiful words. Ryan will forever be number 1 in our hearts even if he becomes irrelevant. He worked hard to get where he is now, he deserves the number one spot or at least top 10.

  • Usuario sin mas  (17 hours ago)

    +Don't Set Yourself On Fire/ Lee true,and I like Nigahiga didn't take the easy way doing shitty gameplays(many youtubers changed their style to do less effort and gain more money) He'll be always our number one :D

  • 4Lfrosch  (5 days ago)

    KAMEHAMEHA!! Ryan the effort you put into your videos is outstanding! Never quitt YouTube!

  • It's not about Ryan quiting YouTube but about Article 13 taking YouTube from Ryan.All his videos with any anime reference such as the Kamehameha and etc will be removed due to copyright infringement.

  • Miggy S  (Apr 13, 2019)

    If you spell Trevor backwards and add “int” it becomes introvert... but if Trevor is backwards in “introvert”... does that make Trevor an extrovert?

  • Illion Skeige  (3 days ago)

    woh this fuck my mind :))

  • Callen Parker  (3 days ago)

    Int is short for intelligence, so Trevor is introvert without the int. Sorry to all those Trevor out there just going with the flow. Lol

  • Darshana Sanjay  (5 days ago)

    Who else was really satisfied at the whispering part 4:58

  • Ham Bone  (3 hours ago)


  • Kevin Cordoviz  (18 hours ago)

    Straight up Wu-Tang clan/ Bing Bong Bros. level awesome.

  • TOP 10s  (Apr 13, 2019)

    Nobody:Ryan Higa: let's drop a dope video much cooler than other real music artist do now a day.

  • paws27  (Apr 14, 2019)

    +Black Panda You must be very easy to keep entertained then.

  • Timothy  (Apr 14, 2019)

    This type of comment is old 😂😂

  • ItsEthanJR  (Apr 15, 2019)

    Ayo where's the Spotify at tho?Like if you want it!

  • Adrian Gonzalez  (3 days ago)

    It’s ummRight hereSPOTIFY

  • Daniel Choi  (4 days ago)

    Its already there