NHL: Bench Fights [Part 2]

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  • Published on:  Saturday, January 19, 2019
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  • Blitz
    Blitz  4 days ago +3

    extreme hugging

  • Pierre Le Duff
    Pierre Le Duff  4 days ago

    How many rangers on the ice. That unexceptable. You have to give 10 points penalty for this type of action

  • Jc Wade
    Jc Wade  4 days ago

    Fuck the red wings. Bunch of pussies. Only ones worse are the bruins

  • Max lynette
    Max lynette  5 days ago

    Colorado Detroit: I am HUGE Bruins fan, I watched this series, I was pulling for Detroit, anytime team that has Lemeu ( I spelled his name wrong out of disrespect ) on their team is sh*t, he was sh*t with Montreal and every team he played on, SCUMBAG

  • Bill M
    Bill M  7 days ago

    The rangers always come off as soft

  • dw coop
    dw coop  7 days ago

    Go Canucks Go !!!

  • Valdimir Trump
    Valdimir Trump  14 days ago

    Just prior to 3:52 Bieksa had a chance to go with Mike Rupp but skated away sheepishly.

  • Derek Scott Carlisle
    Derek Scott Carlisle  21 days ago +1

    HighlightHeaven|sync&play on youtube on tv_#derekscottcarlisle"Beast.ModeHighlights&Videos"

  • Sludge
    Sludge  a months ago

    Just some pro wrestling wannabes.

  • jimmyplayz
    jimmyplayz  a months ago +1

    Man, if only we had bench fights in the NHL video games

  • Benjamin Pena
    Benjamin Pena  a months ago

    I miss 90’s hockey

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  • Krispy Wispy :D
    Krispy Wispy :D  2 months ago +1

    go canucks beat there ass xd

  • W0JlFGame
    W0JlFGame  2 months ago

    1:15 обнимашки)

  • Steven Rye
    Steven Rye  2 months ago +6

    Damn man, when’s the last time you ever heard someone even say “battle of Ontario”

  • Dio Anggoro
    Dio Anggoro  2 months ago

    sangat baik dicontoh untuk anak anak

  • Patrick Kane
    Patrick Kane  3 months ago +1

    Part 1 + Part 2

    Brian Boyle is in a lot of these

  • Ganis Eko Yulianto
    Ganis Eko Yulianto  3 months ago

    Chicken fight

  • Robert Laurier
    Robert Laurier  3 months ago

    =. Hockey

  • The Motherfucker
    The Motherfucker  3 months ago

    Hey you, what the name of this stupid game is?..

    I asking because im from a f***en somalia