40 NEW Nintendo Switch Games Coming in 2020!

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  • Published on:  Saturday, December 14, 2019
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  • BeatEmUps
    BeatEmUps  1 months ago +196

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  • Johnny Green
    Johnny Green  15 hours ago

    my birthdays on march 30th

  • Viztek
    Viztek  23 hours ago

    He lied, theres only 20 on thumbnail

  • Castle Of Wonder

    Anything can be "hacked". Whether it's connected to the internet or not. Even power grids can be manipulated. I learned a lot in my Cyber Security classes at University.

  • Rhayr Harry
    Rhayr Harry  yesterday

    What is the best fps game on switch?

  • Jason Dehideniya
    Jason Dehideniya  2 days ago

    Can we please get a cod

  • Jacob Gill
    Jacob Gill  2 days ago

    Of the ones I hadn't heard about before, that Digimon Survive game looked awesome. I've played some in the past, but I wouldn't call myself like a dedicated fan. But c'mon, that's an awesome concept.

  • Erik Panchillo Aggesen

    Thx for showing the games! Ooooh, the CAT!!!! OvO

  • laynie bear123
    laynie bear123  3 days ago

    I cant be the only one who paused the video at "best selling manga Fairy Tail" and was like >.> did you miss One Piece? BLASPHEMY! (don't worry I enjoy fairy tail also, but come on =O

  • Iggy Blog
    Iggy Blog  4 days ago

    You got my like because of the cat

  • Shadow Zero
    Shadow Zero  5 days ago

    Can you made a lets play to animal crossing?

  • Ritesh Biswas
    Ritesh Biswas  6 days ago +3

    This guy is like pewdie pie but Australian Jesus edition

  • Emeri Pena
    Emeri Pena  7 days ago

    In so glad he put animal crossing in the thumb nail I'm so freaking excited

  • Yt_Luke Playz
    Yt_Luke Playz  7 days ago

    This inkling been wanting a Splatoons 3 since 2017. Just saying Woomys.

  • Joy Freg
    Joy Freg  7 days ago

    no joke yo look like my first x girlfriend. just slightly less manly wit no beard.

  • Sydney Hall
    Sydney Hall  7 days ago +1

    The two games I can't wait is fairy tail and breathe of the wild2

  • Tsubakiee
    Tsubakiee  7 days ago

    I'll be taking a week's vacation when BOTW2 releases!

  • Deku
    Deku  7 days ago

    Why isn't anyone mentioning Project Diva megamix...

  • Subnautical Explorer

    They’d be pretty disappointed if they hacked me lol I don’t keep my credit card or any real personal information on my Switch

  • Megan Evans
    Megan Evans  7 days ago

    Great list of 2020 games. I'll try to pick some of these up but there's still a lot of 2019 games I haven't gotten. It's going to take me a long time to buy everything on my wish list.