SNK HEROINES ~Tag Team Frenzy~ Who will be the Belle of the Brawl? - Nintendo Switch

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  • Published on:  Friday, September 7, 2018
  • SNK HEROINES ~Tag Team Frenzy~ is out now on Nintendo Switch worldwide! Who will be the belle of the brawl? SNK's toughest female fighters are pitted against one another in a brand-new 2 vs 2 fighting game! With a streamlined control system and unique KO mechanic, this is a fighting game built for fans of all levels of experience. The perfect dream match starts here!

    SNK HEROINES Tag Team Frenzy is available now!

    #NintendoSwitch #SNKHeroines

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  • Skelitor TheRoll
    Skelitor TheRoll  2 months ago

    I'm playing this for its gameplay. I SWEAR

  • Irrelevant
    Irrelevant  3 months ago

    ..I need this

  • Daniel Curien
    Daniel Curien  3 months ago

    There it goes the hopes for Metal Slug 8

  • Oaatmeaaal tastesbad
    Oaatmeaaal tastesbad  3 months ago +1

    perverts....are all in the comments.
    That title tho (lol)

  • Offended Big De 2.0
    Offended Big De 2.0  3 months ago

    jesus no

  • A Toasty Mistake
    A Toasty Mistake  3 months ago

    Customizations? But can you undress them?

  • Cecelia The Hedgehog

    Tbh I’m happy there’s so many weeb games coming out on the Switch

  • Cecelia The Hedgehog


  • Keeby
    Keeby  3 months ago

    That thumbnail had to be on purpose

  • Roc
    Roc  3 months ago

    They make sure to have them clothed up in the US trailers, that's probably why sells are down for it. Great Game Btw.

  • ultra weeb
    ultra weeb  3 months ago

    heh tiddies

  • Senhor Madara
    Senhor Madara  3 months ago


  • Kevin José Jaramillo Martínez


  • Boku No Pico
    Boku No Pico  3 months ago

    not worthy to buy

  • Zabdy Ztar
    Zabdy Ztar  3 months ago +5

    I noticed people asking for Peach and Samus... I don't think Nintendo would allow that... But outfits that look like some of Nintendo's heroines could actually be a thing. Like ZSS's.. well... Zero Suit. Palutena's dress, Peach's, Rosalina's, Daisy's... I don't know.

  • da we
    da we  3 months ago

    waluigi for smash

  • XelchanTheBrave
    XelchanTheBrave  3 months ago

    Where the FRICK is MISS X?!?

  • Ms. Velvet Crowe
    Ms. Velvet Crowe  3 months ago

    Wonderful game despite the fan service people make fun of this game for although SNK clearly didn't make this game for competitive purposes and it clearly isn't ment to take itself seriously there's a great combat system here simple yes but chain combos can be exceuted in spite of the simplicity I'm enjoying it that's what matters as a consumer who payed for it if they like it other people's opinions don't carry any weight

  • NoodleReichiAsd
    NoodleReichiAsd  3 months ago


  • abrahamWCE
    abrahamWCE  3 months ago

    Don´t block Omega Labyrinth Life overseas Nintendo, please
    don´t be like Sony