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  • Published on:  Friday, January 18, 2019
  • David Dobrik's Vlogs are the best, here are the best funny moments of Jeff Wittek in the Vlogging Squad, all in one from 2018 and 2019 so far! He fits perfectly in this vlogger friend group! David's Laptop: Laptop i use for Edits:'s Cam:'s Cam + Lens:'s old Cam:'s Shirt: for more edits, Lots of love JeffI love David Dobrik, go buy his merchandise like me @*If you buy an item from one of the links above i get a small reward for the recommendation, thank you!Friends:jeff, rewind, zacker cracker, kyle blunt, jack 2, vlog squad edits, 60 days in


  • Mint Yoongi [Yes, I’m a FeMaLe]

    Jeff is hotter than Todd. discuss.

  • Daniel Lin
    Daniel Lin  2 months ago +1194

    I dunno why I relate to the allegedly kid so much......

  • Sofiaxcrows •
    Sofiaxcrows •  4 months ago +1727

    11:39 him asking if she was ok was too cute 🤣🤧

  • Justine Hebert
    Justine Hebert  6 months ago +2686

    Everyone was so unsure about Jeff. First time I saw him I knew I would love him

  • Tazooui
    Tazooui  2 months ago +967

    the way jonah eats that sandwich pisses me off

  • My Cup Of TAE
    My Cup Of TAE  2 months ago +812

    Jeff is very pretty but highly chaotic

  • Ziam palik
    Ziam palik  6 months ago +1204

    Jeff: yea dude I'm a hero 😂💀

  • Ella H.
    Ella H.  6 months ago +1328

    He is so hot and cute at the same time 😊

  • CalumBaesist !
    CalumBaesist !  6 months ago +1302

    He’s so funny, cute, down to earth, sksjsjsjsjsj he has everything

  • ROB Xb
    ROB Xb  14 days ago +106

    “If I ever break up with Trisha none of you guys date her” “ I would never”
    “Why not Jeff” 9:13

  • Gabe Parnell
    Gabe Parnell  21 days ago +268

    Jeff's face when he said someone was a rat 5:51

  • Khushi Daswani
    Khushi Daswani  2 months ago +454

    ‘cause ur better than that’
    ‘no i’m not’

  • Sofia Torres
    Sofia Torres  1 months ago +166

    5:51 look at jeff face when the cops came that had me diying

  • StArK iNdUsTrIeS
    StArK iNdUsTrIeS  14 days ago +61

    11:39 when he said “are you ok?” My heart melted it was adorable

  • Neesa Salaam
    Neesa Salaam  28 days ago +68

    only a group of white guys can get pulled over laughing and joking around

  • Funtime Kim
    Funtime Kim  1 months ago +141

    0:32 I don’t think David should be saying anything because his ex girlfriend was on a billboard too

  • lyric-faith pali
    lyric-faith pali  1 months ago +203

    I ship natalie and Jeff so bad that would be such a cute couple

  • sevara salimova
    sevara salimova  28 days ago +82

    “I payed 500$ for a hand job.... yeah my brother really needed the money” I’m DEAD😂

  • Bitches be Bonkers
    Bitches be Bonkers  1 months ago +121

    “You’re better than that”
    “No im not..”

  • Phat Albert
    Phat Albert  14 days ago +36

    Jeff seems like a nice guy but at the same time he looks like the kind of guy that would stab you if you stared at him too long