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  • Published on:  Tuesday, November 19, 2019
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    A man recently released from prison is torn between a life of crime and a fresh start with a woman he meets while scoping out a potential heist.

    Cast: Chaley Rose, Tobias Truvillion

    Devin (Tobias Truvillion) is ready to live life on the straight and narrow but is pulled back into a life of crime when his old gangster boss resurfaces ready to cash in on an old debt. They’ve set their sights on the priceless collection of African diamonds on display for the Christmas season at the struggling, family-owned Holiday Jewels store. Devin lands a job at the jewelry store so he can be closer to his target but winds up falling for the owner’s daughter, Jade Holiday (Chaley Rose). In turn, Devin does everything he can to save the store, the Holiday family, and his newfound love.


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  • Eva Raymond
    Eva Raymond  3 days ago

    I enjoyed the movie. Watch it !!!

  • Chauncy Davis
    Chauncy Davis  6 days ago

    Were can I watch this

  • Amber Jacobsen
    Amber Jacobsen  7 days ago

    Fun fact. I’m in this movie! I’m a figure skater😇

  • homonovus6
    homonovus6  7 days ago

    She's so elegant and fascinating

  • Msleah
    Msleah  14 days ago +1

    I just watched this & I can't lie. The acting is pretty bad.🤣 HOWEVER, I still enjoyed the movie. I liked the story line & the cast is good looking. 🤷‍♀️

  • 0891anderly Rocha
    0891anderly Rocha  14 days ago

    Quero ver legendado em português e completão pode ser por favor !

  • Sheila Barnett
    Sheila Barnett  14 days ago +2

    I heard that this will be on BET. That explains the all-black cast. Maybe Marvista has realized that black people watch and want their own Christmas stories.

  • Gym Style
    Gym Style  14 days ago +1

    You need a new casting agent. Thee movies have the worst actors.

  • A - Aron
    A - Aron  14 days ago +3

    This has Hallmark written all over it 😂

  • italguynj
    italguynj  14 days ago +1

    You guys and gals are in for a real treat with this one! ;)

  • Ace Hardy
    Ace Hardy  14 days ago +1


  • אריאל גולני
    אריאל גולני  14 days ago +2


  • Eric Marin
    Eric Marin  14 days ago +3

    Finally a new movie from u guy's and, a trailer where the heck have u guy's been?

  • ChaCha W.
    ChaCha W.  14 days ago +9

    I too am shocked at Marvista doing an all black cast🤯... #BravoToMarvista

  • StephanieV1013
    StephanieV1013  14 days ago +5

    Looks like one of your best Marvista! Finally great acting!

  • MsTalkingmovies
    MsTalkingmovies  14 days ago +19

    This looks great. Yes also totally shocked of a Maravista release with a black cast.

  • Lilly Rose
    Lilly Rose  14 days ago +10

    Shocked to see an all black cast out of mara vista