Camila Cabello Talks CAMILA, Demi Lovato & Havana

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  • Published on:  Thursday, January 18, 2018
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    Camila Cabello stopped by the studio to chat with us about the success of Havana, her admiration for Demi Lovato and her new album CAMILA!

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  • eveyylynn
    eveyylynn  6 hours ago

    Listening to Camila talking about Shawn Mendes 14:10 in December 2019 swooonnnn

  • Data Quester
    Data Quester  yesterday

    She's fukin smart n oh so beautiful!!!!

  • Jasmin M
    Jasmin M  4 days ago

    14:46 her real feelings!!!!! Minus friend part.

  • Intuition Goddess
    Intuition Goddess  5 days ago

    Love the honesty and wisdom.

  • Lorena Mayorquin
    Lorena Mayorquin  21 days ago +1

    Camila ❤️❤️❤️

  • Katethehamster9
    Katethehamster9  a months ago

    Does anyone now camlia mendes like DUHH shawn mila

  • joshua lepretre
    joshua lepretre  a months ago

    Haha😂 that was funny how she tossed the cat pillow up out of nowhere

  • joshua lepretre
    joshua lepretre  a months ago

    I was just talking about that cat pillow

  • Brenda Coutinho
    Brenda Coutinho  a months ago

    pls bring her back when the next album is out i’m begging

  • I Shah Jannat
    I Shah Jannat  a months ago +1

    17:26 Camila: How many real freinds do u have?

  • niladri saha
    niladri saha  a months ago

    We talk bout Harry Potter.

  • jazzy xo
    jazzy xo  2 months ago

    Go and watch laurens interview then come and thank me later

  • Joy Militala
    Joy Militala  2 months ago

    okay that demi impression should be longer and made into an actual full video. Camilla on Jimmy Fallon anyone?

  • Brooke Williams
    Brooke Williams  2 months ago

    i love her !

    PROUD LOVATIC  3 months ago +1

    the way she talks about Demi!! They need to collab 😍♥

  • Rosie Sanderson
    Rosie Sanderson  3 months ago +4

    She was talking about the time her and Shawn had that one night stand

  • Christopher David Suryanarayan

    She is just such a cool girl. ❤️

  • m s
    m s  3 months ago +2


  • bitch please
    bitch please  3 months ago +1

    she's funny lol i love that

  • abby c
    abby c  3 months ago +3

    Lauren maybe?

    ngl im not one of those stan camren shippers but i def believe it existed.