Manning Leads 21 Point Comeback in 4 Minutes

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  • Published on:  Monday, August 6, 2018
  • In 2003 Peyton Manning lead the Indianapolis Colts into Raymond James stadium for a showdown with the defending Super Bowl Champions, the Gruden lead Tampa Bay Buccaneers. With just over 3 minutes left the Colts found themselves down by 21 points. That's when The Sheriff took over.

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  • NFL Throwback
    NFL Throwback  a years ago +831

    Which crazy ending should we do next?

  • Darren from wales
    Darren from wales  11 hours ago

    Where wa Manning first posted. Was it the Patriots?

  • Ryan Coburn
    Ryan Coburn  12 hours ago

    Was this the same Bucs Team that won the Superbowl. Warwick Dunn and Warren Sap? They say you can't come back from a 21 point deficit in 4 minutes. Peyton Manning, "hold my beer". Lol

    GUMPNSTEIN  13 hours ago

    VAnderjagt so bad under pressure.

  • Positive Patriot
    Positive Patriot  15 hours ago

    So you're telling me that the NFL has always rigged games with blown calls? Color me shocked.

  • Ryan Lengacher
    Ryan Lengacher  15 hours ago

    Ref stole the game

  • George Bishop
    George Bishop  17 hours ago

    Actually it was a 14 point comeback with 3:37 left. IF you want to call it coming back from down 21, you would have to rewind to the beginning of the drive to open this video and add that into it. You cannot count the last play of the first drive that was obviously a TD and just call it 21 from there. That's ridiculous. It was 35-21.

  • We're all Human
    We're all Human  17 hours ago

    I'm a Colts fan but that call was bullshit.. speaking 10 yrs later.😟

  • Clark _Elite
    Clark _Elite  21 hours ago

    This game was won by the Refs.. Talk about bullshit calls.

  • Oscar Grouch
    Oscar Grouch  yesterday

    Dem zebras had big time money on the Colts.

  • Border Reiver
    Border Reiver  yesterday

    that was one crazy ending with a bad call on the jumping rule...good comeback by the Colts to win it...

  • Drew Bowman
    Drew Bowman  yesterday

    Manning has a 3rd as many chips as Brady. Trash.

  • Bradley Alexander

    Fuck that leaping penalty.

  • qwerty qwerty
    qwerty qwerty  2 days ago

    10:48 listen closely he makes the Jeffy Noise

  • Ramon Barrera
    Ramon Barrera  3 days ago


  • Doug Schiller
    Doug Schiller  3 days ago

    I was at this game, it should be included in the most obvious case of the Refs stealing the game. They actually waited to see the result of Peyton's pass before calling a penalty on Sapp. The receiver dropped the ball and the flag came out at the line for a phantom roughing. I was dumbfounded. Let's not get into the "leaping" nonsense. Didn't go to another game for years after this debacle.

  • San Markus
    San Markus  4 days ago +1

    Manning is the best quarterback ever

  • Potato The Penguin

    ClutchTon Manning

  • Purple MonkeyDishwasher

    Watched this whole thing thinking “how bad can this call be” and then omg you guys undersold it. That’s the worst call I’ve ever seen

  • Alex Muntean
    Alex Muntean  5 days ago

    Now that's what I call the most bullshit "leaping" call ever