NHL: Fights After Hits [Part 2]

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, April 9, 2019
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    Luxk - Freestyle (Prod. Foreign Shooter)
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  • F1rstgt
    F1rstgt  3 days ago

    I don't understand, is fight legal in hockey??? or, when do the referee knows he has to stop it???

    TIGGER  3 days ago

    Kane : gets Chara from behind,knocks Chara down and swings ,
    Chara : gets up
    Kane : oh hell

  • Артем Козаченко

    Game for idiots

  • DarknessYT Gaming

    bruins announcers are the worst

  • Thrilla in Manila

    So Ice hockey isn't much of thing where I stay so I don't know the rules for shit but...I've seen a lot of sport and the moment a fight breaks out, officials and player are rushing to break it up. How is it that these guys actually let it go on😂😂

  • Luka Brenner
    Luka Brenner  6 days ago

    But what should I expect

  • Luka Brenner
    Luka Brenner  6 days ago

    Boston announcer just annoying

  • MiskaGamer FIN
    MiskaGamer FIN  7 days ago


  • Joshua ツ
    Joshua ツ  7 days ago

    Capitals have good ass fighters

  • Person Adult
    Person Adult  7 days ago

    Tom Wilson is the scum of the nhl

  • BrendanTheGent
    BrendanTheGent  7 days ago

    Everything about the bruins is trash..
    From the fag commentator to the rat players. True disgrace to hockey.

  • Matúš Šefčík

    00:57- do you know the song? Thanks

  • jaydeeslookin
    jaydeeslookin  14 days ago

    Boston announcers wouldn’t know what a fight was if it was diagramed for them...... at best 1 punch landed by each, the rest was dancing!

  • Fred Lerouge
    Fred Lerouge  14 days ago

    the last one, wow

  • H2ZV.1
    H2ZV.1  14 days ago

    4:37 how appropriate that Stone Cold Steve Austin's theme is playing. Because #28 was getting a whole can of whoop ass opened on him.

  • cristian
    cristian  14 days ago

    lmao these fights are so stupid. just wait to completely destroy them on a wall duh

  • brob 3030
    brob 3030  14 days ago

    Chara could have stood there punching the glass as Kane went to the bench and the Bruins announcers would have announced it like a Mike Tyson fight.

  • gulezi
    gulezi  14 days ago

    I just love the way they throw gloves

  • DoMeBhO
    DoMeBhO  14 days ago

    Che "sport" del cazzo 😂😂

  • Coyte Seymour
    Coyte Seymour  14 days ago

    Wilson is such a bitch he almost never fights big guys. I want to see reaves whoop his ass