Dear Virgos...

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  • Published on:  Monday, September 17, 2018
  • I admit I suck but it's only because I'm a virgo.

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  • Maxwell Abelson
    Maxwell Abelson  a years ago +1187

    Wait, gullible wasn’t in the description. Did I miss something?

  • Stitch Wild
    Stitch Wild  6 days ago

    Anthony and I share a birthday....

  • Achoo
    Achoo  6 days ago

    I have to say as a Virgo... I completely relate.

  • Zane3523
    Zane3523  7 days ago

    Am virgo ♍️

  • Elizabeth S.
    Elizabeth S.  7 days ago +1

    I’m a Virgo. I found a paper I wrote in kindergarten saying I want to be a Doctor. It’s crazy because its been so long and I still want to be a doctor. Its funny because everything I read says Virgos best fitting job is a Doctor.😂

  • Elizabeth S.
    Elizabeth S.  7 days ago

    We have the same birthday!

  • Suriv 0
    Suriv 0  14 days ago

    Ill tell someone im a virgo and they r like "omg you must be such a manipulator!! I knew it!" BRUH-- UR A PP HEAD S H U T UP IM NOT ORGANIZ3D--

  • ozgardea
    ozgardea  14 days ago

    Subbed cause you’re Virgo. I’m Virgo, we Virgo.... Virgo

  • Sapphire Valentine

    I'm a Virgo but I'm not organized not sensitive not hard working the only thing I relate to as a Virgo is incredible arguing skills.

  • Sai
    Sai  14 days ago

    Well. I could not wish you a happy birthday because i was so busy Celebrating mine.

  • Star Dust
    Star Dust  14 days ago

    ♍️♍️😞 please stop calling me out

  • TheHappyNarwhal :D

    I’m a Virgo. I’m lazy, I’m messy and haven’t cleaned my fucking room for days. I guess I’m a bit of a perfectionist and picky but not in areas of my life. :)))

  • xVirgo _Zodiacx
    xVirgo _Zodiacx  21 days ago

    me : goes up to someone I hate
    me : I've got a fortune teller, do you wanna hear what happens to ur future?
    them : ok
    them again : so what do I have?
    me : 6:17

  • Babygirl E
    Babygirl E  21 days ago

    All virgos relate to this video 😂

  • Gabriella Swan
    Gabriella Swan  21 days ago

    I’m probably the worst Virgo out there. Not even close to organized, not a workaholic, a lil messy

  • wynter brown
    wynter brown  21 days ago

    I'm a Virgo! We're the best sign! We get s**t done in the name of organization!

  • Ted Peterson
    Ted Peterson  21 days ago +1

    I’m a Virgo and yes. A lot of traits are true.

  • JonnaexNation
    JonnaexNation  21 days ago

    I’m a Virgo...I clicked so fast 😂

  • [DB] Lougaroc Pixelisée 8

    Me: I'm an Aries

    Also me: Still watches video

  • Lemmon Head
    Lemmon Head  1 months ago +1

    Lol my birthdays the 17th