Bloodraven's secret plan

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  • Published on:  Monday, April 9, 2018
  • What is Bloodraven's plan? We know that he has been manipulating events from behind the scenes for years, but what has he actually been doing, and why?

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  • In Deep Geek
    In Deep Geek  a years ago +28

    How else do you think Bloodraven might have been manipulating events? What do you think his plan is (or was ...)?

  • Chris Ashe
    Chris Ashe  21 days ago +1

    Bloodraven wants to warg into bran as his second life.

  • Sophia Kovaliova
    Sophia Kovaliova  1 months ago

    I love your theories so much!

  • my dad
    my dad  2 months ago

    maybe bloodraven transfer himself into bryan

  • Matt Johnson
    Matt Johnson  4 months ago

    Hmm... was he trying to achieve a Targaryen restoration??

  • Unicorn Queen
    Unicorn Queen  4 months ago +1

    Now we know his plan. He became King finally shaped as Bran.

  • Justin Curll
    Justin Curll  4 months ago

    But ARE the Others the real enemy? Im leaning toward the COTF = bad theory.

  • Bobbette Funk
    Bobbette Funk  4 months ago

    Is it possible Bloddraven worged into Summer when he was being attacked in his bed recovering?

  • Lord Odysseus
    Lord Odysseus  5 months ago

    The Isle of Faces was always a weird place to me. An entire island of nearly extinct god trees and no one seems to care about it? At least not in the way people care about other things of similar importance. When Jon and Sam take their vows, Jon thinks of the Isle of Faces like it's just this funny old place with some funny old trees.

    ABHISHEK V  5 months ago

    Cracking a vast puzzle 👍

  • Kai Johnson
    Kai Johnson  5 months ago

    I wonder what Bloodraven thought of Rhaegar and his prophecy?

  • Tiina Wiik
    Tiina Wiik  6 months ago

    I think your analysis has a major problem. Brynden Rivers might've been a certain type of person, but why assume he still would carry the same personality as the three-eyed raven? Bran's entire character changed when he became the raven, so most likely that happened to Brynden too.

  • C Lig
    C Lig  6 months ago

    How about the most obvious 1 you missed, Daenerys Targaryen. Aside from the show writers fudging things up in S8, Martin had stated previously that 5 characters would be alive at the end, Dany, Jon, Bran, Arya, & Tyrion. It seems logical that he would want Jon & Dany to marry, have children, & rule the 7 kingdoms together, or at least 1 of them taking the iron throne & furthering the Targaryen bloodline. That's why all the foreshadowing of Dany getting pregnant in S7 was changed in S8. Dumb & Dumber drastically changed the last 2 episodes because some fans figured out their ending. Their stupidity epically ruined the show. Now they're free to go fudge up Star Wars.

  • Tyler Nelson
    Tyler Nelson  6 months ago

    10:08 to be fair, ghost does both of those things in the show as well. He does get written out past season 4, however!

  • ChrisBrengel
    ChrisBrengel  6 months ago +1

    Bloodraven warging into Ghost to do all the key things Ghost does...mind blown!

  • Kaitlin Luksa
    Kaitlin Luksa  6 months ago

    There's the raven in the Theon chapter of TWOW... Is that Mormont's raven with Stannis?

  • funstuff81girl
    funstuff81girl  7 months ago

    Burn them all makes much more sense with Bloodraven. We already know the ink is dry - Bran has seen this firsthand. It wouldn't make much sense for him to go back and try and convince a king who is dead in the present day to change the course of history. What would make sense is Bloodraven, during Aerys reign, trying to communicate and it going oh so wrong.

  • lifeishooey
    lifeishooey  7 months ago

    I really hate google and their stupid fykin adds

  • Wally Beavis
    Wally Beavis  7 months ago +1

    Damn this is deep.. Ur channel name is on point buddy

  • LordAnestis
    LordAnestis  7 months ago

    Maybe he send the Direwolf south.