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  • Published on:  Saturday, August 24, 2019
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    Hey, everybody! My name is Nick. Have you, guys, ever been in a relationship that you couldn’t end? I am in one of them now. I hope you can give me some advice, because it really seems like a dead end to me.

    My whole life I’ve always been involved in different sports, so injuries and nights at the hospital do not scare me, you know. I am pretty used to fractures, bandages, stitches, and other stuff. That’s why when my nose appeared to be broken after another hockey game and I had to visit my doctor, it didn’t surprise me much. But this time at the hospital was totally different from all the others. I saw a girl. Well, I mean it wasn’t the first time I saw a girl at the hospital, but when I saw this particular girl who had the same bandage on her face as I did, which clearly meant that she’d also damaged her nose, I felt like she was different from the others.

    I remember how I was just lying there, on the examination table, trying to come up with a funny joke about our noses to get aquatinted with her and waiting until nobody could hear us. I don’t know why, but just the idea of talking to her made me nervous, while before I used to be far from being shy at all. Then I heard her sobbing and that was it – my perfect chance to say something to her. I asked how she got her injury, and she said she was going to piano practice but she fell down awkwardly and hit her nose on the chair. I said she should’ve been happy that she didn't damage her fingers, since the nose was far from the most necessary part of the body that you needed when playing the piano. This must have been really funny for her, or I looked funny or, I don’t know. Because I remember her smiling at me and the look she gave me, and this is how our romantic relationship began. Everything seemed to be perfect, and when both of us were discharged from the hospital, we practically spent every single minute together. I would listen to her classical music concerts, and she would visit my games. Even though we had totally different interests, I was really happy, and Clarissa – that was her name, also said that she was happy being with me. But then she got sick.

    It started like a couple of months after we’d met. She became sleepy and moody almost all of the time, and frequently had a fever, so her parents decided to take her to the hospital. I remember I went there one day to visit her, as usual, when she said that the doctors had diagnosed her with leukemia. At first I refused to believe it. I mean, I knew how serious of an illness it was and I thought it might have been a mistake or something. But it wasn't. Clarissa started her treatment and I stayed next to her the whole time. It was really hard to see someone you love suffering that much, but I can’t even imagine how hard it was for her, I mean, all that chemo stuff and other treatments. But I promised that I would be next to her, so that she’d get better.
    Embarrassingly, I regretted my promise after a couple of weeks. Because of her health condition and all the medication she was on, Clarissa had become a different person. I mean, apart from not looking great because of her illness, she had become mean, nervous, and jealous of me, like, you know, all the bad things a girl might have inside her head, she's just say all of it. Once, I remember, she got hysterical about my friend’s birthday party. She said that there would be lots of girls, and I would forget her, and dump her and stuff like that, and that she was going to die alone. You know, I knew she was miserable because of her condition, so I never ever tried to make her angry on purpose. That’s why I told my friend that I was sorry I would have to miss his party. I did it just to calm her down, but I didn’t want to miss out on my life, honestly.

    Yes, I’d promised to support her. But I gradually began feeling that this was not my place any longer. I should have felt embarrassed, I know, to give up supporting someone I loved, but wasn’t I too young to start living my life for somebody else? I couldn’t stop thinking about it. Once, I saw a young couple at the hospital, they fought really loudly, and then she dumped him right there. I wasn't sure if I wanted to leave Clarissa, but this scene definitely challenged my mind.
    Then Clarissa’s father, Mr. Burnham, surprised me a lot. He called me and said he wanted to show how grateful he was to me for being there for Clarissa, and he knew how tired I might have been, so he’d bought me two tickets to a big game that coming Friday. Imagine, Calgary Flames – I’d die to go!

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  • Leon Hudson
    Leon Hudson  20 hours ago

    Leave the crazy bitch besides i've been in those type of situations before and man it's a pain.

  • Emma carsen
    Emma carsen  22 hours ago

    follow your heart ❤ because you can't be on happy l m not trying to be mean but I think she's
    faking it so I wod test her to see so I seport. your desichens

  • Collosull Thing


  • Angela Fukszi
    Angela Fukszi  3 days ago

    raaaa so mans just gonna go about dating dis gyal that he likes so much but as soon as she gets a condition or illness, you dash ? naaaahhh man

  • Elizabeth Weinstein

    He should follow his heart

  • Yousef Baytam
    Yousef Baytam  7 days ago

    I mean. Lets ignore the fact that you obviously fell out of love for your gf, she really needs the help and motivation to battle her illness.. leaving her in this situation will break her down and let the disease take the best of her..

  • BatJoker
    BatJoker  7 days ago

    Mannn lol
    The auto generated subtitles is in Dutch lol

  • Sidney uchiha
    Sidney uchiha  7 days ago

    I think you should break up with her because she just trying to make you feel guilty that she’s sick

  • Linda Ferguson
    Linda Ferguson  7 days ago

    As a terminally ill person, I get how your girlfriend feels and all the medications and their side effects and not wanting to die alone...I get it, I do...but she will die alone. Everyone does, you aren't dying along side/with her, you will still be alive but...I also get how you feel. My husband is my best friend and my caregiver and tries to spend every moment he can with me and trying to be wears him down so bad. Every 5-6 weeks, I kick him out of the house. He goes and has beers with a friend about 4 hrs gone and he brings me home dinner. If the weather is good, I kick him out for 2 days and he heads off to my sons place or to his parents place. He comes back from both in such an improved state of mind that I know I did the right thing. He is scared to death that I will die while he is gone and I will be alone.
    You need to tell the new girl the truth and you need to tell your current girl the truth as well.tell her how you feel and how her temperament has effected you. She may not even be aware she is doing it. When the pain flares or I over do it and am exhausted...I am mean, I don't remember but my husband walks around like I have beaten him and I know what I did. Because of that I pay more attention to my pain levels and how worn out I am getting and I call it quits BEFORE I get to the point of not remembering. TALK to her. You can break up with her and still be her friend. Its something you guys have to decide but know this...I was given 3-5 yrs to live and its been 7.5 so if you are waiting for her to die so you come off as a good guy...boy could that backfire.
    Talk to her. I have demanded my husband be 100% honest and if he starts looking at other women...I will know and we will face that as it comes...just another symptom of me dying. Me. Not him. His life will continue, with a ton of $$ from life ins. My gift to him.
    Talk to her. Be honest, be gentle, be strong, but do it for both of you.

  • Brittanie Parsons
    Brittanie Parsons  7 days ago +1

    What a dickhead like seriously??😡😡

  • Scarlet snow
    Scarlet snow  14 days ago

    Just put yourself in her shoes... How should you feel if YOU where her?

    ALETSHARDROAR  14 days ago

    guys a primitive and they don't know how to support someone..this boy does not love her and it is a bad time to leave her..

  • Karma
    Karma  14 days ago

    I mean... if she is dying, if you ignored it ling enough would it not go away?

  • Antoinette (Toni) Quick

    I feel like you feel for the other one because she was being to controlling I now that it’s a horrible Dessie but there’s no way any body in there entire life could be that controlling

  • CutieDiePie
    CutieDiePie  21 days ago

    Wait till she dies! :)
    thank me later
    yes sir

  • Christoph Schwarz
    Christoph Schwarz  21 days ago

    Follow your heart

  • gamer777
    gamer777  21 days ago

    when a boy cheats: he is a bad person he should have a painful death
    when a girl cheats: she had a reason or she had to live

    why is this

  • Morgan Maguire
    Morgan Maguire  21 days ago

    yea okay u meet a girl at a hospital and nothing amazing will come of this just saying

    but a good boyfriend in the beginning tho

  • London O'Brien
    London O'Brien  21 days ago

    It may sound awful but you need to get out of this toxic relationship. She's going down and pulling you under with her. Have a talk with her father, honestly tell him how you feel and about how much she changed, and see what he says. And don't get with that new girl right away, give Clarissa time.