How to record Slow Motion Sounds (Exploding Tomato at 60,000fps) - Smarter Every Day 184

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, December 26, 2017
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  • SmarterEveryDay
    SmarterEveryDay  a years ago +349

    Checkout the Behind the Scenes video of Gordon making the sounds. It's pretty ridiculous.

  • Ress
    Ress  a years ago +1791

    Dat tomato sounds like an orange

  • Lithianic
    Lithianic  a years ago +430

    short answer: you dont record it

  • MannyXVIII
    MannyXVIII  3 months ago +208

    "Belive it or not, I ... I was one of the smart kids in school" totally made my day :'D

  • ActionHeinz
    ActionHeinz  a years ago +425

    Technical reason = grocery store closed :D

  • Nathan
    Nathan  a years ago +212

    SO... then the real question is. How WOULD you record the actual sound in slow motion?

  • MinuteEarth
    MinuteEarth  a years ago +2928

    Orange is the new tomato

  • Eric Morrell
    Eric Morrell  6 months ago +36

    More Gordon, please! He's got a really great personality, and he was an awesome part of this video. You should feature him more if possible.

  • Karpata
    Karpata  1 months ago +10

    That thumbnail looks like you're about to lose a loved one in that tomato explosion and can't do anything but watch in horror.

  • sebsunda
    sebsunda  2 months ago +5

    No... no.... NNNNNOOOOOO!!!!!
    HOW COULD YOU!!!!!
    My life is a LLLIIIEEEE!!!!!! (T_T)
    Amazing work by the way, very interesting to see the whole process!
    Looks like a lot of fun.

  • Royce Valencia
    Royce Valencia  3 days ago

    Sooo it's all foley work. I've been bamboozled.

  • Ahmed M
    Ahmed M  a years ago +2026

    Gordon is so funny. 5:42 "I'm not gonna actually use a tomato, and there's a technical reason for that...and that's because I looked in the fridge and I didn't have a tomato" 😂😂

  • K. M. Hodges
    K. M. Hodges  2 months ago +16

    Love the channel, love Destin, love Gordon.. but it broke my friggin' heart to find out all of the sounds are manufactured. Smarter Every Day will never be the same again Q_Q

  • Jacob Pasner
    Jacob Pasner  4 months ago +9

    "Believe it or not I was one of the smart kids at school" <- This killed me XD

  • AshChronicles
    AshChronicles  2 months ago +3

    thats what good p*ssy sounds like

  • GORF
    GORF  4 months ago +9

    M-80's and M-90's use magnesium fuses. Once lit, magnesium can burn even under water.n M-90's are not anywhere near as powerful as an M-80. M-90's are a louder firecracker.

  • Stinger01
    Stinger01  a years ago +1024

    Never really appreciated the work that went into creating the sound. Well done

  • barhasbadi
    barhasbadi  14 days ago +1

    Gordon has got a mongolian horsehead fiddle.
    cool :D

  • okarnando88
    okarnando88  7 days ago

    wow. well today i learned that the slow mo sounds are actually just a trickster from Canada!

  • Juan Reigosa
    Juan Reigosa  7 days ago

    I never would have thought the sounds weren't recorded live. Great content, keep it up. Favorite channel by far.