Greatest Trick Plays in Baseball History

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  • Published on:  Friday, May 18, 2018
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  • Bob Smith  25 days ago

    They left out the best accidental play I have ever seen. Myron Byrd of the Cubs, lost the ball in the sun, went to his knees and caught the ball behind his back.

  • BBX22  9 months ago

    I'm a little confused by this video as my only knowledge of baseball is from Wii Sports

  • Thomas McDonagh  16 days ago

    Shit those were the days...

  • Melissa May  21 days ago

    BBX22 I was your 200th subscriber

  • rackinfrackin  15 days ago

    "It's the old hidden-ball-in-the-baseball-mitt trick!" --Maxwell Smart

  • Ron Mexico  4 months ago

    The first person that said "keep your eye on the ball" was on to something.

  • osnerol87  1 months ago

    Leonard Haith videos on YouTube

  • Kevin McCracken  1 months ago

    2Kvids 50subs And catching. And obviously so you don’t get made to look like a fool.

  • Mike Buck  1 years ago

    All you can say about these. Are "GOT EMM"

  • BLU3Collar TRANCE  15 days ago

    Where is Steve Hamilton's 1974 pick off play at 1st where he got the save without throwing even 1 pitch? LOl

  • Txviip Yep  1 months ago

    Is it just me or dose the footage just get older and older

  • 47imagine  1 months ago

    I'm surprised these tricks don't happen all the time in baseball, I never knew all this was allowed.

  • Age Cali  5 days ago

    @stephen f thats bullshit. Most players know the damn rules. They just get cocky after taking a base and dont keep their eyes on the ball because they dont expect this thing to happen. Noy Keeping their feet on the bag until they know exactly where the ball is where they messed up. And they know it

  • stephen f  19 days ago

    It all derives from the basic fact that the ball is in play unless time is declared, or (for some kinds of plays) the pitcher is on the mound. Not all that many players are even aware of the rules. They're just aware of the normal course of play, the way it usually goes.

  • Brad Filippone  1 years ago

    I can remember a Red Sox game in the Eighties--I don't remember the opponent--when Bill Buckner was the runner on first. The camera happened to be on him when he was just about to take a step off the base, and he suddenly stopped and grabbed the opposing first baseman's glove and looked in it to see if he still had the ball. He didn't, so Buckner proceeded to take his leadoff. He was a first baseman himself, and wasn't going to fall for that trick.

  • vinny albanese  12 days ago

    1986 wooooo

  • TheMoezilla  12 days ago

    Ron Mexico...How is it kicking Buckner around by recalling a story in which he assured himself of not being caught in a trick play?

  • Weaboo Chan  11 months ago

    0:49Poor him...he only wanted a high five

  • stephen f  19 days ago

    was holding them off with his force-field power

  • FBI  21 days ago