Kevin Durant Suffered An Achilles Injury In Game 5 | NBA Finals

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  • Published on:  Monday, June 10, 2019
  • Kevin Durant suffered an Achilles injury in Game 5 of the NBA Finals. Subscribe: on IG: us on Twitter: us on Facebook:


  • ChicagoSnow
    ChicagoSnow  2 months ago +1935

    I’m a raptors fan but this is a bad way to represent Canada we shouldn’t be cheering for anybody getting hurt

  • venzzyy binx
    venzzyy binx  2 months ago +475

    Respect for kyle lowry for stopping the happiness of the raptors fans when kd got injured. That's true sportsmanship out there brother.

  • Josh Cuber
    Josh Cuber  2 months ago +182

    I feel sad for durant, i dont like lowry but now i like him because he showed respect

  • PieLord
    PieLord  2 months ago +208

    Kevin Durant get injured
    Canadian fans: Yea!!! Woooo
    Raptors: no
    Canadian fans: Sorry claps and standing ovation

  • Wut No
    Wut No  2 months ago +91

    shoutout to raptors players for telling their own crowd to stfu when a player gets injured. true sportsmanship.

  • Loyd Ayo
    Loyd Ayo  2 months ago +1361

    even with all that he was 11 pts in 12 mins. 3 for 3 from the arc after 1 month off. legendary class shooter

  • Bikk Lbj
    Bikk Lbj  2 months ago +51

    I'm a Raptors fan but those fans who were waving at him should go to hell

  • Selcouth
    Selcouth  2 months ago +76

    0:38 big respect for Kyle Lowry for stopping fans from celebrating Durant's injury.

  • Dokk Umentz
    Dokk Umentz  2 months ago +17

    Respect to Lowry for calming down the crowd

  • Soups Dooops
    Soups Dooops  2 months ago +11

    GSW shouldn't have let Durant play knowing that he's still recovering.

  • Shakester71
    Shakester71  2 months ago +588

    And the classless guy waving bye to KD will have to live with his own stupidity for a long time.

  • Spark6956
    Spark6956  2 months ago +76

    It started off toxic but in the end the stadium was chanting “KD” out of respect. Pretty positive overall

  • ZoomGaming
    ZoomGaming  2 months ago +46

    Imagine having a Career ending injury and having people celebrating, Just sad to see.☹️

  • Lenuj Khan
    Lenuj Khan  2 months ago +12

    INjury isn’t a JOKE!

  • mimi mure
    mimi mure  2 months ago +1

    All the players from both teams were hella pissed at the Toronto fans cheering on an injured man. I mean WOW. I was hella pissed at that cuz why cheer you can he's hurt badly? Absolutely vile. SHOW SOME RESPECT!!

  • Mineral Blade
    Mineral Blade  2 months ago +10

    As a Canadian who supports Raptors I sincerely apologize from our actions

  • Rated - GR
    Rated - GR  2 months ago +1

    KD's feet bump Ibaka's feet that may be the reason of why calf injury hurt again, KD is truly a warrior player, for your GSW fans, like me, your still the champion man tell the next time.

  • Markevin Molina
    Markevin Molina  2 months ago +6

    Big respect for lowry👍

  • Maria Christina
    Maria Christina  2 months ago +1

    Ok I am a raptors fan, but honestly had no idea why some people were initially waving bye to Durant while he was on the floor. That’s just disrespect, usually we are better than that. 😐Hope he recovers fast 🙏🙏 Glad they were clapping at the end though for him.

  • Renzo Lapastora
    Renzo Lapastora  2 months ago +687

    more respect for the players of raptor for shutting down the happiness of fans to a injured Kevin Durant. That stadium is terrifying.