Ethiopia: ዘ-ሐበሻ የዕለቱ ዜና

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  • Published on:  Sunday, August 26, 2018
  • Zehabesha Daily Ethiopian News August 26, 2018

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  • Halen yameral Abera

    Leabeyachn 100 amet yigezan

  • Halen yameral Abera

    መግስታችእን ትእሁት ደግ ለደሀ አሳቢ ነው አብይ

  • Halen yameral Abera

    አብያችእን ሺ አመት ንገስ

  • Halen yameral Abera

    ተባረኩ ዘ ሀበሻ

  • Gg Gg
    Gg Gg  1 months ago


  • luna new
    luna new  4 months ago

    aye mels qin satehon wede meqabereh elem

  • suzi love
    suzi love  4 months ago

    Thank you zehabesha

  • Martha Wube
    Martha Wube  4 months ago

    አብይዬ መጨረሻህን እግዚአብሔር ያሳምርልህ

  • Christine Badede
    Christine Badede  4 months ago

    Viva Dr abiy Ahmad

  • Fatima Fatima
    Fatima Fatima  4 months ago

    Abiyacin 1000 Amet niges

  • Selemon Tesfaye
    Selemon Tesfaye  4 months ago

    Abiyachin 1000 amet nurilin

  • kiyya legese kiyya legese

    Abiya sewdiawu eko

  • Rina seyd
    Rina seyd  4 months ago

    Brothers and Sisters have seen how odd and jealous Woyanes are.??? While Dr.Abiy is accomplished perfectly the decision that the 4 EPRDF parties passed together concerning Ethio_Eritrea case, Woyanes are very irrttated and tried to reverse and dissolve it through its village politics arranging manifestation using the people of EROB wereda under the motto of " It is illogic performing the Ethio_Eritrea case With out the knowledg and permission of the people of EROB". But here we have listned that ABAY TSEHAYE has gtiven the land Amhara region without the knowledge of the leaders of the regioçn leave alone the paople..ODD and CRAZY. There a number of other odd things accomplished by Woyanes during the past 27 years. As time goes on We will listen opne by one !!!

  • waffiki
    waffiki  4 months ago

    please take all the stars from the flags. the luciferian 5 pointed star is also on all ethnic flags. get rid of it.

  • manche110
    manche110  4 months ago +1

    መግረፍ ፣ ማኮላሸት ፣ መግደል ፣ ማሰደድ ፣ ማጣላት ፣ ማጋደል ነው የኔ ኮንትራት እንጂ ደካማን ማገዝ ፣ ማስታረቅ ፣ ማዘን አይደለም ነው ያለው ይሄ ዲያቢሎስ። እንኳንም ሞተ።

  • love is a winer spread love

    The habesh a lie propaganda machine creating division among Ethiopians

    MAMUSH B  4 months ago

    Yeseytanun bandira asafrut

  • Kali Phonetastic
    Kali Phonetastic  4 months ago

    ayei melse nibesihin ayemarew

  • Dan Tsegaye
    Dan Tsegaye  4 months ago

    ምነው ይህንን መለስን የሚባል አጋጋንንት ባታሳዩን

  • eden Eden
    eden Eden  4 months ago

    አብያችን እግዜር ይባርክህ።