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  • Published on:  Monday, November 26, 2018
  • It's a difficult task to make Simon Cowell laugh... but these comedians on Britain and America's Got Talent manage it! Who did you find funniest?▶︎ Watch more of Top Talent here from: Britain's Got Talent▶︎'s Got Talent▶︎ Talents pulls the best of X Factor, Got Talent & Idols from around the world! From the most amazing to some of the funniest auditions and performances we've ever seen! Watch them all here on YouTube! Never miss an upload subscribe today!


  • Top Talent  7 months ago

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  • Warm Malk  19 days ago


  • Koosha Mokhbery  27 days ago

    Verlynth Ver 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂that was on purpose cause all he says is thank you. That’s amazing

  • Bryan Moreno  3 months ago

    “Calm down peasants calm down!!!!”

  • Carrara  5 days ago

    Dude I feel so honoured to be your 8 thousandth like

  • @Ez Studios same

  • Shaikha Albannai  1 months ago

    I think Simon paid the first guy to drag the judges 😂😂😫

  • text me  16 days ago

    Lol probably

  • هههههههههههههههه

  • Angelina medina  1 months ago

    "I always wanted to know what a big toe look like if it were a person" I literally died 🤣🤣🤣

  • safaa Elsawaf  yesterday

    @my life is a lie can you paraphrase it for me as I am not a native speaker of English 🤔💞??

  • s0lastsummer7  3 days ago

    R.I.P. 😳

  • ProVohkes  24 days ago

    Child roasts judges Judges: 😂😂Adult roasts judgesJudges: *someone get his a—*

  • Matnick  18 days ago

    British panel is always better

  • purple Shadow  1 months ago

    who the hell are these audience members. they laugh at the most unfunny jokes of all time and then boo at the halarious ones.

  • SirJayzZ  2 hours ago

    The innocent people

  • Biju Kurian  4 days ago


  • Nelle Crowgey  2 months ago

    "I'm gay....and autistic...basically I can't think straight" he's my favourite

  • JorddyyB  8 hours ago

    He says “two ways I can’t think straight”

  • I love it because I'm also gay and autistic 😅, I make that joke all the time!

  • Ellie Koontz  23 days ago

    The first clipAll the judges and crowd: 😱🤬❌Simon:🤣😂😅

  • Ellie Koontz  13 days ago

    Shirosune M00D!!! Also, sorry. Lol

  • Shirosune  13 days ago

    the amount of emojis in this comment gave me a seizure

  • malix btw  25 days ago

    If simon laughs because of you, youre different then the others

  • FalloutGirl 06  24 days ago

    First guy - roasts other judges Crowd - boooooooooo! Guy - roasts SimonCrowd - DIES OF LAUGHTER

  • FalloutGirl 06  11 days ago

    @glittersprinkles They did on the insideJust like I die on the inside

  • glittersprinkles  11 days ago

    FalloutGirl 06 they didn’t laugh at all kskskks