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  • Published on:  Monday, November 26, 2018
  • It's a difficult task to make Simon Cowell laugh... but these comedians on Britain and America's Got Talent manage it! Who did you find funniest?

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    Auditions from:
    Britain's Got Talent
    America's Got Talent

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  • Top Talent
    Top Talent  11 months ago +2353

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  • Chase Martinson
    Chase Martinson  33 minutes ago

    Aight hold tf up, the first dude is the Joker.

  • Taylor Britt
    Taylor Britt  6 hours ago

    The last guy getting emotional was so heartwarming ♥️

  • Taylor Britt
    Taylor Britt  6 hours ago

    The first guy was incredible, I was dying the whole time. I'm mad that the judges took it so harshly.

  • Crystal Hennessey
    Crystal Hennessey  11 hours ago

    The speechless guy was awesome 😂

  • K.C. Maiale
    K.C. Maiale  14 hours ago

    First guy's dressed like that with a tail and telling jokes like that? Count me in for a comedy special with this guy just ROASTING celebrities!

  • Revilo26
    Revilo26  16 hours ago

    That’s how u know Simon’s too rich because he doesn’t even know what a bag for life is 🤦‍♂️

  • Revilo26
    Revilo26  16 hours ago +1

    I’m sorry but Americans can’t take a joke

  • BssdGame Gun gas DXD

    9:03 calm down biatch 😂😂

  • Iulia Caesar
    Iulia Caesar  17 hours ago

    Ok the first guy.... I think that they are just all stupid or something... Simon is the only one who is smart here so yea...

  • Prometheus Venom
    Prometheus Venom  17 hours ago

    Is the first guy doing this on purpose.

  • Josh Buhain
    Josh Buhain  22 hours ago

    Getting joker vibes from the first guy

  • Unbreakable Gaming
    Unbreakable Gaming  yesterday +2

    Is it me or does the first guy look like lord Farquaad.

  • Bleachdrinker 300

    Is me or does he look like bob ross

  • Calum McArthur
    Calum McArthur  yesterday +2

    "I'm Mikeyh"

  • Natasha Ashley
    Natasha Ashley  yesterday

    Turn on the the subtitles and go to the turrets guy

  • GrayPsyche
    GrayPsyche  yesterday

    what's a bag for life?!

  • osscar mphaphuli

    The guy with no voice was amazing x first guy I think in BGT he would have made them laugh. Americans are very sensitive...that was a great roast.

  • Gacha Snek
    Gacha Snek  yesterday

    On the first one, it was just like that one little boy. So why did-

  • Dude Why
    Dude Why  yesterday +2

    When Howie said “enjoy your free time now, cause you’re gonna be a busy man” to the last guy, I honestly almost cried with him. That was probably the most inspirational thing anyone has ever said to him and that breaks my heart cause he’s funny. I’d pay money to see him live.