THE PRODIGY (2019) Ending Explained

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  • Published on:  Monday, February 25, 2019
  • #theprodigy #endingexplained

    In the supernatural thriller The Prodigy, a young hyper intelligent and gifted boy Miles (Jackson Robert Scott) is showing increasingly strange and violent behavior. As things escalate further, will his Mother (Taylor Schilling) find out the truth about her son in time to save him? Find out everything you need to know about Miles and his affliction as well as explaining the open ending.

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  • Luz Garcia
    Luz Garcia  2 days ago

    It CHAPTER two Georgie: you lied and I died
    It Georgie: you'll float Too....
    💞😊💘just good horror movies

  • Luz Garcia
    Luz Garcia  2 days ago

    The prodigy was great
    Mills is actually Robert Jackson Scott..🥶

  • Dany B
    Dany B  3 days ago

    I like turtles

  • YaDude Mike
    YaDude Mike  4 days ago

    Dramatic irony doesn’t always work when it’s used like that but yee haw I guess

  • mustard
    mustard  5 days ago

    Is anyone else tired of dads being essentially cannon fodder?

  • Dazzle Heart
    Dazzle Heart  6 days ago

    Transferring soul is super easy, barely an inconvenience.

  • madhatters crafts

    I like movies that let you know whats going on when none of the player's, have a clue. I like to see it play pot and find out how they react to this information. I suppose my brain goes into psychology mode. I do get your point though.

  • Raeanne Bedard
    Raeanne Bedard  7 days ago +3

    “No 8 year old likes paprika” well someone clearly never had a polish aunt who made them traditional perogies when they were 8

  • Leon Anderson
    Leon Anderson  7 days ago

    What got me pissed was when the mum first met the Reincarnation researcher and played dumb by using the line “he’s my son” “he’s sick” instead of listening to the professional with what he has to say.

  • Paul Lambert
    Paul Lambert  7 days ago

    They said at the end of the movie when he was getting dropped at the foster home that his dad was still in hospital

  • Adele Tomelty
    Adele Tomelty  7 days ago +1

    Sounds like a mixture of Chucky and Omen, with the whole getting shot as you try to take out Evil thing

  • Zinoxe
    Zinoxe  14 days ago

    Serial killer shot by the cops, reincarnated into the body of a little boy


  • Andy Kelsay
    Andy Kelsay  21 days ago

    Charles Lee Ray was probably so annoyed when he saw the outcome of this movie

  • iBeGaming2
    iBeGaming2  21 days ago

    Man the creepiest part of this movie to me was when Miles was sitting in a chair in his room and his mom peeped in on him and she saw the serial killer instead of her son sitting there for a brief second and her turned away from her. 😳

  • Ltn Lx619
    Ltn Lx619  21 days ago

    damn lol

  • ashref salem
    ashref salem  28 days ago


  • Eman Elrashidi
    Eman Elrashidi  1 months ago

    Man .... I addict your videos 😄👏👏💐

  • Bob Dylan
    Bob Dylan  1 months ago

    he is the meme big brain time

  • HarmonE Records
    HarmonE Records  1 months ago

    Another good name for this film would be "There's Something Wrong With Miles" or "The Thing About Miles."

  • Ugly Cactus
    Ugly Cactus  1 months ago

    ah yes, the movie i didn't know existed, lets see why