NHL Network Countdown: Top 50 Goals of All-Time

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  • Published on:  Thursday, May 2, 2019
  • NHL Network counts down the top 50 goals in NHL history, highlighted by goals that are just plain filthy and major milestones from your favorite NHL heroes

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  • errbt
    errbt  4 days ago

    I'll just leave this here:


  • Aaron Sawich
    Aaron Sawich  6 days ago

    Lemieux s cup finals goal against Minnesota should have been in the top 5.

  • Chris Scorpio
    Chris Scorpio  7 days ago

    4:27 should be much higher.

  • HiZ RedShift
    HiZ RedShift  7 days ago

    No sport has been helped more by HD video than hockey - can't believe I spent most of my life trying to watch hockey on an old square 19" TV!

  • Timothy Hills
    Timothy Hills  7 days ago

    Shane Doan's broken stick goal??? what???

  • romgor76
    romgor76  7 days ago

    3 the best 👍👍👍👍👍

  • romgor76
    romgor76  7 days ago


  • romgor76
    romgor76  7 days ago


  • romgor76
    romgor76  7 days ago


  • romgor76
    romgor76  7 days ago


  • Q U A T T R O
    Q U A T T R O  14 days ago

    Number 5 wasnt even a top 1,000 goal

  • Denis Kulaga
    Denis Kulaga  14 days ago

    11 русских фамилий из 50 - неплохой результат

  • Aaron Brandon
    Aaron Brandon  21 days ago

    Thumbs down this list is pathetic. Best goals of all time should mean exactly that.. #2 was terrible.. yet #47 only 3 other players have done before.. this video sucked.

  • Evan Wakelin
    Evan Wakelin  21 days ago +1

    This video needs more ads.

  • Rome Timed
    Rome Timed  21 days ago +1

    Quite a poor list. Why mix the milestone with the pure skill?

  • Matt Mc
    Matt Mc  21 days ago +1

    Ovi’s goal is def #1

  • Xander Allen
    Xander Allen  21 days ago +4

    Datsyuk's undressing of Turco at 47? Geez...underrated much?

  • x4haanplayz x
    x4haanplayz x  21 days ago

    Where was going struck Kane’s goal to win the Stanley cup

  • Meno meisseli
    Meno meisseli  21 days ago +2

    20:57 Teemu's reaction was priceless

  • MultiCappie
    MultiCappie  21 days ago +3

    Not a very good list. About half the goals here deserve to be here.