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  • Published on:  Tuesday, June 11, 2019
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  • GugaTV  1 months ago

    Some great decisive goals compilation. Subscribe to 2nd channel: https://fapgem.com/channel/UCGiY4rZdQC3LvC7Pyy6ztIQ

  • KAHBATRON  9 days ago

    Kahveci vs Cech Republic Euro 2008Senturk vs Croatia Euro 2008Lahm vs Turkey Euro 2008Croatia vs England WC 2018

  • Ghf9 10  11 days ago

    FLAMENGO 3x2 atlético PR the best no campeonato brasileiro

  • Maximilian Bauer  1 months ago

    You forgot Raheem Sterling's last second decider vs Spurs in the ucl quarter-final... oh wait

  • Tekashi 69  2 days ago

    Maximilian Bauer 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • that was aguero

  • f22roro  16 days ago

    Watch this video as a french1-click2-Seeing eder 3-go back

  • Us Monkey  4 hours ago

    Champion du monde, peux importe ce que vous dite 🏆❤️

  • Zyb Killer  5 days ago

    @jkz No rage bro world champion 🌟🌟🇫🇷🤫

  • Guy Ferz  25 days ago

    3:15 "Chelsea need something and they need it now... DROGBAAAA!!!!"

  • Greatest header I’ve ever seen, regardless of context. An absolute bullet header into the top corner. That’s what you teach kids

  • Alex Cerqueda  5 days ago

    ...What a Bad Ass... #THEKING

  • xaM evol I  1 months ago

    5:52, even within 10 yards, robben still cuts into the left and shoots

  • cállate pelotudo

  • It is a crime to not put the Dutch commentator on bergkamps goal

  • Frank de Boer, Frank de Boer, Denis Bergkamp, DENIS BERGKAMP, DENIS BERGKAMP...AHHHHHHHH

  • Chairman 001  3 days ago

    dennis bear cum

  • ToxaKastela  1 months ago

    Header from Drogba was magicalSuch a difficult angle and minimum space to scoreReally a heading maestro

  • Jeff Rich  20 days ago

    He's the best

  • Zoned 247  22 days ago

    This upload deserves applause on two counts: 1. Great Goals, 2. Atmospheric non-intrusive music, that actually increases the emotional effect. Good job

  • Leo Xx  21 days ago


  • Gary Neville's orgasmic release at 1:59...unforgettable

  • RDBWS  8 days ago

    Lmao, although it wasn't a decisive goal. Chelsea would've been through at 2-1

  • imronaldo1985  14 days ago

    Why Tottenham did'nt start the final with the same team that won at Ajax? Why the need to play Harry Kane in a winning momentum?

  • Shivam Singh  4 days ago

    Because they are spurs..😂😂

  • Tzvi Levine  5 days ago

    @Jrights1 Funny, how if we would've lost the quarters or semis you would have said that too, but we didn't. Problem is no one appreciates these games it only matters when Tottenham lose.