Why did Jaqen recruit Arya? (Game of Thrones, ASOIAF)

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, November 7, 2017
  • Why did Jaqen recruit Arya? And what do the Faceless Men want with her, anyway?

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    This video contains spoilers for Game of Thrones Seasons 1-7 and some random theories about season 8.

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  • In Deep Geek
    In Deep Geek  2 years ago +54

    Why do you think Jaqen hung around to kill people for Arya, and why do you think that he tried to recruit her for the Faceless Men?

  • Lord Aska
    Lord Aska  7 days ago

    A couple of years ago when i red it for the first time i thought Arya would completly delve into it and would later be request to kill Dany... to the dismise of her or that she'll ally and come back to westeros with Dany.

  • Linda Chrisman
    Linda Chrisman  3 months ago

    Not just one but TWO ads! Come on.

  • Mary Menatti
    Mary Menatti  4 months ago

    Yes, yes, yes. I should have put these clues together this way.

  • Christine Pellew-Faucette

    I'm just starting the first book after having seen about half the series. I have noticed that Arya send to spend most of her time 'apprenticed' for lack of a better word, to one man or another. We first see her with Syrio Forel, hired by Her father to train Arya in the use of her sword. Forel accepts the commission and begins to train Arya in how to use the sword in the Braavosi style, known as the Water Dance. When Ned is killed, Youren, of the Night's Watch, a "brother" of Arya's uncle Benjen. She spends her time in the camp with young men, much as she did when she was with her family in Winterfell. Arya meets Jaqen H'gar who will be her third apprenticeship, but only after she is rescued/taken prisoner by The Hound. Unlike the other two, The Hound doesn't enter into a teaching relationship with her on purpose, but he does end up giving her the kind of knowledge a Lady would get, but maybe The Hounds lessons were the most important. After she leaves the Hound she is then under H'gar's training to become a faceless man. I'm sure he saw a strength in Arya, and her experience had created a woman who would be able to kill. As a highborn Lady, she could certainly move in those circles without any training in how to act. That's as far as I've gotten in the series, but I found it interesting.

  • Lady Jay
    Lady Jay  5 months ago

    Just re-watched this video today, a year later. Excellent analysis. You always bring such insight.

  • N P
    N P  6 months ago

    Curious what evidence there is that the faceless men made it easy for her to get to them in the books? Just read that part and not come across it at all.

  • ChrisBrengel
    ChrisBrengel  6 months ago

    So you are suggesting that Jaqen figured out that Ary was a high-born girl from Winterfell. Maybe he already knew who she was. Your previous video proposes that Jaqen was in King's Landing waiting for the opportunity to kill Ned. If he's watching Ned, wouldn't he know who his daughter Arya was (and probably also that she was taking fencing lessons from a Bravos master)?

  • mckealla Atkinson
    mckealla Atkinson  6 months ago

    She shouts winterfell as a battle cry? Is she trying to get killed?

  • nightsage217
    nightsage217  7 months ago

    I would like to think eventually in future (in the book) Arya filled up her little kill list. And those killing spree had occupy her life so much, she has nothing left after completion. That Bloody Arya is no longer a Stark, she is not speaking of honor, empathy, love & family.

    When that time comes, she is no-one.

  • Humble TreeStump
    Humble TreeStump  7 months ago

    This is poetically beautiful

  • Gregory Bradley
    Gregory Bradley  7 months ago +1

    He recruited her because like Melisandre, he served the one god and Arya had a vital role to play in the one god's plan. "There is only one God. A girl knows his name. And all men know his gift." - Jaqen "There is only one war, life against death" Melisandre. "What do we say to the God of death" - Syrio

  • Fuzzy Dunlop
    Fuzzy Dunlop  7 months ago +3

    "...explains why he didn't kill any of the members of the caravan..."

    Arya hands him an axe with which to free himself and later when Arya, Hotpie, and the rest of her party circle back to the abandoned keep they find Yoren with an axe wound to his head, dead. I think it's much more narratively satisfying for the target to have been Ned - but to say he didn't kill any members of the caravan is a mischaracterization of that whole sequence.

  • braddream7777
    braddream7777  7 months ago

    interesting you missed his head covered in the wagon when yarwen put her with the other boys... would have heard alot there.

  • ChangeInView
    ChangeInView  7 months ago

    He lived up to the rules because by freeing multiple people, he saved more lives. So to keep the balance he had to kill more than three people. Maybe I’m wrong, just an idea.

  • grawss
    grawss  7 months ago

    Jaqen arguably saved their lives.

  • pete jones
    pete jones  7 months ago

    Jaqen was Jesus

  • VespoLiveGaming
    VespoLiveGaming  8 months ago

    Maybe someone on her list had a contract out on him/her.... which would explain why they didn't hunt her down after leaving the house of black and white

  • Red5x5x5
    Red5x5x5  8 months ago

    I had always assumed, since the L+R=J theory emerged, that Jaqen was Prince Rhaegar. Certainly he must have been on some business in Kings Landing, and a Faceless Man would never end up in a cage unless he meant to. From there, it becomes fairly easy to imagine that he could well have been Syrio as well. Either way, if he were Rhaegar, he would have been struck by how like Lyanna Stark she looked (This is mentioned certainly in the books, and I think also in the show once or twice). For me, his presence would only make sense (as Rhaegar) if he had been in touch with Ned at some point. (Rhaegar) knew his son was alive, and with Ned moved to Kings Landing, perhaps Ned asked him to come down and watch over his family, feeling uneasy about serving at Robert's court. So he enters the Stark family's service as a Bravosi fencing instructor, teaching Arya the Water Dance. When Ned is executed, he discards the identity of Syrio and becomes Jaqen, deciding either to journey to the wall and finally meet Jon, or jump ship at Winterfell. But when Arya joins the caravan, he stays to protect her, as Ned protected Jon, returning the favour of so many years ago, and tries to get her to return with him to Bravos, but she refuses. He tries to pick up the trails of the other Starks, but is too far behind to catch up to them. Rob and Caitlyn die before he can reach their camp, so he turns north to Winterfell, but when he reaches it, it's fallen to the Iron Born and Bran and Rikon are mistakenly assumed dead. He returns Harrenhall for Arya but she's gone. Knowing Jon will be safe with the Knights Watch, he returns to Bravos. Finally Arya arrives, and her training begins. Maybe she eventually knows he was also Syrio, but just doesn't tell anyone, out of professional courtesy.

  • Aristho Crat
    Aristho Crat  8 months ago

    He prepared her to be able to sneak up on and kill the night king.